Crocodiles Eat Trophy Hunter Who Targeted Elephants and Lions

Trophy hunting is rejected by all animal lovers. It’s difficult to comprehend that individuals relish murdering endangered creatures like lions and rhinos.

Many species have been driven to extinction as a result of this “sport,” yet despite opposition from conservation groups, it is still allowed in many locations.

However, the animal kingdom has its own sense of justice at times… and one hunter met his fate, which may be defined as “karma.”

Scott Van Zyl was a well-known South African prize hunter. Van Zyl also had a “safari” firm where he took clients on large game hunts in addition to being a hunter himself.

Lions, cheetahs, giraffes, and elephants were among his prey.

Van Zyl went on one of his hunting trips to Zimbabwe in 2017… He didn’t return this time, though.

The hunter set out with a pack of hounds and a local tracker, according to the BBC. He went off on his own in search of crocodiles, and when his tracker dogs returned without him, he was presumed gone.

His footsteps and luggage were discovered along the riverbank. The crocodiles were inspected by local authorities… and discovered human remains that were proven to be Van Zyl’s through a DNA test.

Many individuals wrote when the story emerged that he deserved it, that it was retribution for killing so many animals.

While One Green Planet does not condone the hunter’s death, it believes the story demonstrates why trophy hunting should be prohibited since it puts hunters’ lives at jeopardy.

They commented, “Let’s be honest, Zyl shouldn’t have gone hunting in the first place.” “We have to ask ourselves if the ‘thrill of the chase’ is truly worth endangering your own life – while knowingly killing the lives of others.”

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  1. An article written in a magazine ( I guess) that is about “nature and green living” which puts it in the “woke” category, which would put them on the side of those chanting/shouting ” my body, my choice” , but since here it’s about saving animals instead of babies, hunters shouldn’t be allowed to hunt animals that most people will never see and that are dangerous to man and , bottom line, no longer needed on earth. The reality is these professional hunters and their safaris are monitored and have permission through permits that require quotas and are necessary to regulate species so there is no overpopulation that can lead to endanger the species. The real problem of course is the poachers and illegal trade in animal souvenirs.

  2. One has to be Satanically influenced to think that the death of a human being is “deserved” because they hunt animals, even if done illegally.

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