12 thoughts on “Nasa Shuts Down Sun Live Feed After Mysterious Object Emerges

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    1. Full disclosure here.. beyond nasa, seti lies. theyfly.com. Over 1000 recorded face to face chats with a group of human ets on a now completed many 1000 years mission.

  2. U guys are all wrong. It’s a Borg cube from Star Trek. They’re coming to assimilate us. 😂😂😂🖖🤠

  3. This may be like the “cube” seen on the Moon by the Yutu-2 rover that turned out to be a rock shaped nothing like a cube. The very brief view of this “solar cube” shows it looking more like an elongated trapezoidal form, but that may have been nothing more than an optical illusion that lasted a second or less. In both cases, someone will claim they are irrefutable evidence of alien lifeforms, where in actuality, far more mundane explanations might suffice, such as it being a rock, or a solar flare.

  4. Ok sure do you seriously think anything either inanimate or living could even get that close to the sun

  5. Let’s expand our imagination. If actually harvesting my guess would be adsorption of Hydron based energy recharging whatever is being used to power those things. Pretty interesting vid pointing out how much we don’t know about the cosmos. Then again, could just be ‘Gas’ LOL…

  6. At this point Borg assimilation sounds better than living with government nightmare all over the world!

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