5 thoughts on “Doctors Plan Womb Transplant to Allow Transgender Women to Carry Babies

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  2. How arrogant to try and play God. A man is not a woman. Doctors have no right to risk another human’s life just to play God and try to turn a man into a woman.

  3. This extreme cosmetic surgery does not make life normal, it’s a temporary illusion. The victims will always know what sex they are. Just like like the woman that gets an abortion in “secret” will always know what she did and the person that murders will always know what they did. Eventually they will come to terms with reality. The price of depravity is hefty.

  4. How dare you compare a kidney transplant to a uterine transplant!!! Everyone needs a kidney to live but we don’t need her uterus that is not biologically ours. This is the deception of what makes a mother. It is completely unnecessary to experience pregnancy in order to experience motherhood. When you get a uterine transplant if it’s ever possible, The child you are implanted with is not yours!!! You need an egg donor! I think the arrogance and the attention of this physician is despicable. A male body that has been full of testosterone an entire lifetime has his biology imprinted. Just because he takes estrogen does not make him a woman. If he wants to assume the role of mother then do the decent thing and adopt.

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