Candy Store Owner Accused of Killing Homeless Woman with Samurai Sword

A local candy store owner allegedly stabbed a homeless woman to death because she stole from his shop and was always outside.

On April 30 at 7:47 p.m., Tacoma Police Department officers responded to a call on South 9th and Market streets regarding a man assaulting a female. Police say the suspect fled the scene when a witness tried to approach. Officers located an injured 37-year-old woman and attempted lifesaving measures, but she died at the scene.

Tacoma Police say the suspect returned to the area and was arrested at 8:42 p.m. The victim’s death is being investigated as a homicide.

According to court documents cited by KCPQ-TV, a witness reportedly saw the suspect, Abdelhakim Choubabi, attacking the woman with a “long stick or pole.”

After the alleged stabbing, Choubabi and another man reportedly drove to a restaurant where he admitted to killing the homeless woman. The friend reportedly told him to speak with police, so they went back to the candy store.

The court documents say Choubabi, who had to speak via an interpreter, told police the woman urinated in front of his shop, stole things, and “smelled bad.” The day of the stabbing, Choubabi reportedly called police and asked to have her moved from in front of his store. Police reportedly turned around when they saw her leaving.

The woman also allegedly stole sunglasses and condoms from Choubabi’s store, and he followed her to take them back. She allegedly hit him, then he went to retrieve his sword.

Police reportedly recovered a “large Samurai-type sword” inside. Choubabi reportedly told police he “intended to kill” the woman.

KCPQ reports the woman’s cause of death was multiple stab wounds.

Pierce County Jail records show Choubabi was booked on a first-degree murder charge and his bail is set at $1.5 million cash or bail bond.

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  1. Hmmm,
    Now they will be coming out in droves to mourn this poor, poor woman never meaning no harm.

  2. Guess the bitch shouldn’t have robbed the store owner, glad the bitch is dead!

  3. She needed help and ended up being killed, what is wrong with people these days

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