North Korea Bans Tight Pants – Cracks Down on ‘Indecent’ Western Fashion

Kim Jong-un’s fashion police are pouncing on youngsters in hipster-style tight trousers.

The North Korean dictator fears more and more young adults are copying western trends.

The Socialist Patriotic Youth League, which acts as his police, has been filming women in their 20s and 30s who flout the law in tight pants or skinny jeans.

They are dragged before branches of the league and told to write letters of self-criticism, pledging not to repeat the fashion crimes.

They are then released, although footage of their dress can be used in lectures to dissuade others.

In one video, the women were even described as having “indecent clothes” and “impure ideology”.

Dyed hair, mullets, Western-branded shirts and jackets are outlawed.

Also banned are any kind of facial piercings such as in the lips and nose.

Sources say the lectures started in early April in North Hamgyong Province.

At them, authorities stress that wearing clothing and hair in the North Korean style plays an important role in establishing a socialist lifestyle.

People breaking the rules are regarded as “capitalist delinquents”.

The lectures included the statement that adhering to uniform fashion is “directly connected to the future of the motherland”.

Kim’s teams aim to dampen the progressive spirit and creativity of young people.

They also want to stop them growing “ideologically disaffected” through exposure to foreign cultures.

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