Abandoned Dog Found Tied to Fire Hydrant with Heartbreaking Note

An abandoned dog was found in Wisconsin tied to a fire hydrant with a backpack and a note explaining that her owners could no longer look after her.

The Wisconsin Humane Society has taken the opportunity to remind struggling owners that they are able to anonymously surrender their pets, rather than just leave them somewhere.

A local resident found the dog, named Baby Girl, in Green Bay and shared the news to Facebook. According to the post, Kylie Engelhardt kept the dog warm and waited for the owner to return for an hour, but no one did.

The dog, according to WFLA News 8, was left with a backpack full of food, treats and toys, along with a note explaining that the owner could no longer care for Baby Girl anymore. Upon the realization that no one was set to collect their former pet, Engelhardt took her to the Wisconsin Humane Society in Green Bay.

In a social media post, Engelhardt explained: “I did my best everyone. Trust me, it breaks my heart too.”

Baby Girl is estimated to be around five years and 11 months, and is a mixed breed. She’s currently still in the care of staff at the humane society, where she is receiving TLC. For the time being, the dog is on stray hold to give her owners time to come forward, while the humane society is also attempting to track them down.

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The Wisconsin Humane Society reminded residents in a statement to News 8 that they will never turn away an animal in need, and that owners should surrender a pet instead of simply abandoning it.


“We regularly work to make sure that surrender fees are not a barrier to those needing to rehome their pet, and although we request a surrender appointment be made in advance, we do take emergency surrenders if necessary. It’s important to us that the community knows we are a supportive, welcoming resource for those in need,” said the Wisconsin Humane Society.

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