Princess Diana had to be a Virgin to Marry Charles?

The complicated marriage between Prince Charles and Princess Diana was messy from the beginning, thanks to a very “archaic requirement of virginity” for a royal bride.

That’s what Tina Brown, author of The Palace Papers, believes set their nuptials off on the wrong foot from the very start.

According to the author, in a new interview with The Cut, trying to find a proper candidate who fits that requirement was like trying to find the “Loch Ness monster.” That meant the love of Charles’ life, Camilla, was completely out of the question.

“Camilla understood that the achingly archaic requirement of virginity in a royal bride was a deal-breaker in her relationship with Charles,” Brown writes in The Palace Papers. That meant the search was on for a bride for Prince Charles, which wasn’t an easy task in modern society.

“Finding an intact woman in her late twenties amongst his contemporaries might have seemed easy from the Queen Mother’s point of view, but in the freewheeling sexual mores of seventies London society, it was about as likely as a sighting of the Loch Ness monster,” the excerpt reads, “No wonder he wound up marrying the twenty-year-old ingénue Lady Diana Spencer.”

Brown also adds that the palace’s strict stipulations in choosing a virgin bride would “prove lethal to his future happiness” — he wanted to settle down with Camilla.

What’s astonishing is that one archaic rule for marriage set decades’ worth of trauma into motion for the entire royal family. It resulted in headlines that continue to taunt the palace, and as Camilla rises to Queen Consort in the future, it reminds everyone of what happened in the past.

Even as casual British royal family observers, there’s still so much we don’t know about what happens in the House of Windsor.

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  1. Ain’t none of them virgins. Ya have to go to 10-12 year old anymore. I doubt you could find a virgin over 18 anymore.

  2. Geeze! Wonder how they justified Camilla,yikes , no way she was a virgin! Frankly, I never understood Charles. How could he go from Diana to a hag. Guess he had his taste in his mouth😁

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