Creepy Dolls Keep Washing Up on Texas Beach

Creepy dolls keep washing up on the same beach, but no one knows where they come from…

Scientists who regularly visit a Texas beach for research say they’ve been left spooked after finding dozens of dolls washed up.

Jace Tunnell, from the University of Texas Marine Science Institute, said they visit the beach twice a week and keep finding dolls.

Speaking to McClatchy News, Mr Tunnel said: “We’re actually doing scientific work, but the dolls are a perk.”

The team combs the 40-mile stretch of shoreline to survey to coast for turtles, marine mammals and endangered bird species.

Tunnel, who is the director of the Mission-Aransas Reserve, says their Facebook page has gone viral since he began uploading photos of the dolls.

He said they found at least 30 dolls before he started sharing the team’s findings online.

He said: “Every day is something new. Just when you think you’ve found everything that could possibly wash up on shore, something else comes up.”

He added: “The creepiest are the ones that have lost all their hair.

“The first one we had found was a sex doll, the head of it. I posted a picture of it and I didn’t realise that’s what it was. We got a lot of followers on the page after that.”

In some of the pictures they have shared online, the dolls are just of a head and in others it appears their limbs have been chewed on.

Astonishingly the first doll head the found in January 2021, which was bought by a member of the public for £27.

The money they made from it was donated to a sea rescue program as the team now hopes to sell the rest of their creepy doll collection at the reserve’s annual fundraising auction.

Tunnell said: “There’s a lot of nightmares out there. They could definitely be haunted.”

A recent two-year study by the UT Marine Science Institute found beaches along the Texas Coastal Bend get up to 10 times the amount of washed-up litter as beaches in other Gulf of Mexico states Mississippi and Florida.

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