Christian University Under Investigation for Human Trafficking

Olivet University, a college near San Diego founded by religious leader and Korean American David Jang, is under investigation for human trafficking, money laundering and visa fraud.

Newsweek reports it confirmed details of the new investigation with seven former and current federal and local officials with knowledge of the case.

One former official who was briefed on the situation called the case complex and significant.

A year ago, agents from the Department of Homeland Security searched the campus with police from Riverside County.

According to the Post Millennial, two Jang associates pleaded guilty in 2020 to money laundering in what prosecutors described as a $35 million case involving both Olivet and the Christian Post, a Christian News website. There have reportedly been concerns that Jang has convinced followers to do missionary work and has forced them to work for free.

The Post Millennial also writes that Jang has persuaded followers he is the second coming of Christ.

Tracy Davis served as president of Olivet in 2018 and pled guilty to money laundering and was fined $1.25 million by New York City. She is the wife of Newsweek co-owner Jonathan Davis.

Newsweek also reports investigators are looking for any evidence of the “force, fraud, or coercion” of international students mostly from Korea and China An anonymous source told the magazine Olivet is suspected of obtaining student visas for the students who spent more time working for below minimum wage than studying.

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