People ‘Disgusted with the Kennedys’ After Marilyn Monroe Documentary

Fans are ‘utterly disgusted with the Kennedys’ after watching the new Marilyn Monroe documentary on Netflix

The documentary ‘pieced together her final weeks, days and hours through previously unheard recordings of those who knew her best.’ 

The film did suggest that Marilyn’s ‘involvement’ with the Kennedys could have been a factor leading to her untimely death.

In fact, investigative journalist Anthony Summers said in the documentary: “What the evidence suggests is that [the circumstances around her death were] covered up because of her connection with the Kennedy brothers.”

This had fans reeling, with one viewer taking to Twitter to write: “Watching the Marilyn Monroe documentary on Netflix. I am utterly disgusted at the Kennedys—all of them.”

“Watching the Marilyn Monroe tapes. The Kennedys were a sexist rather dirty bunch. Power-driven. Self-motivated,” another echoed. “It’s not easy being a sex symbol. I can only imagine. She was beautiful and had a sweetness, sexiness, much ambition, and unfortunately, naivety.”

Someone else added: “The Marilyn Monroe documentary on Netflix is so sad. For someone so kind, she was treated so unfairly during stardom. Don’t get me started on the Kennedys.”

“I’m watching the Marilyn Monroe documentary on Netflix. It’s sad to see how she’d been sexualized since childhood. Grew up an orphan. And don’t get me started on THE MF KENNEDYS,” penned another.

Someone else wrote: “Biggest takeaway from this doc — @MarilynMonroe should have been cherished and was instead treated like a piece of meat by several powerful men (f*** the Kennedy’s). If she intentionally killed herself, it’s not shocking or surprising. But man, was she stunning. Unreal beauty.”

The documentary had fans reeling (Twitter).
The documentary had fans reeling (Twitter).

However, others didn’t believe that the Kennedy brothers had anything to do with Marilyn’s unfortunate end. 

“That Marilyn Monroe/Kennedy stuff was all a bunch of c**p. A total myth. It all came from that gross birthday party for JFK where is she sang to him,” one Twitter user wrote.

Fans weren't happy about the documentary's suggestions (Twitter).
Fans weren’t happy about the documentary’s suggestions (Twitter).

Meanwhile, another takeaway from the documentary was how brilliant an actress Marilyn was: “Marilyn Monroe, sex bomb, singer, actress, Bobby Kennedy’s lover, poor little waif, whatever – she was incredible on the screen. #TheMysteryOfMarilynMonroe,” someone else tweeted.

The Mystery of Marilyn Monroe: The Unheard Tapes is available to stream now on Netflix.

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  1. Marilyn Monroe was a lot more intelligent than people gave her credit for! She knew so much and the Kennedy’s knew it and they were afraid of what she might have said. If anyone thinks that it was just the Kennedy’s who were involved your WRONG!! I am 68 and have said for over 50 years that she was murdered! You can thank the “All mighty and powerful Kennedy clan, the CIA, and the FBI” for the killing of a a beautiful and smart and talented woman! Love you Marilyn!♥️

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