Disney Worker Loses It on ‘Inconsiderate Tourists’

A resurfaced clip from Disney World’s “Carousel of Progress” showed a Disney Cast Member getting frustrated as guests stood up and exited mid-ride.

The TikTok, posted by @_disney._stuff_, received more than 114,000 views and 700 comments since April 12, with many mentioning that the employee was just doing his job and that an individual died on the ride he was working in 1974.

In July 1974, an 18-year-old employee named Deborah Gail Stone died on the “Carousel of Progress”–called “America Sings” at the time.

The ride is a revolving theater situated on a carousel. Riders of all ages and heights are allowed on the slow-moving ride, which circles around four animatronic scenes depicting four generations of “progress.”

As each scene ends, the theater rotates clockwise around the stage through an opening and closing door. Nine days after opening, Stone was accidentally crushed to death between two closing walls. After her death, the ride was changed to the “Carousel of Progress.”

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In the video, which is a resurfaced clip originally posted a few years ago on YouTube, according to @_disney._stuff_, the person explained that guests kept getting up during the ride.

“Guests keep getting up and Cast Member wasn’t having it!” the on-screen text read.

The cast member spoke through the loudspeaker at the riders and told them to sit down on the ride.

“Ladies and gentlemen once again this is for your safety,” the employee said. “Please remain seated. If anyone stands up the theater cannot continue.”

The employee continued talking through the loudspeaker, telling guests to stop exiting the theater because the ride could not continue.

The ride was only able to start for a few seconds before the employee once again went on the loudspeaker to tell guests to remain seated.

“Once again everyone please sit down if you exit the theater the show cannot continue,” he said. “If you are standing in the theater please sit down, thank you.”

The clip then cut to the Cast Member asking guests to sit down, but this time in Spanish.

At another point in the video, guests can be seen exiting the theater through a back door, although the employee asked them to remain seated until the end of the attraction.

“Ladies and gentlemen this will be for your safety, people are continuing to exit the building,” the employee once again said over the loudspeaker. “Please remain in one location and a Disney cast member will come to assist you out of the theater.”

As the employee spoke, guests continued to stand up from their seats and exit the theater with their children.

More than 700 users commented on the video, many calling out the guests for being “inconsiderate” and defending the employee.

“The guy was so heated he had to say it in two languages,” another wrote.

“Remember, with passholders, sometimes the ‘p’ is silent,” another user joked.

Other users mentioned the incident involving Stone and called out the riders for not listening to the employee trying to keep them safe.

“A cast member literally got crushed to death on this same type of ride JUST LISTEN TO HIM,” one user commented.

“People have died on this ride so I get it,” another commented.

He had every right to emphasize on their safety,” another wrote. “A person did die in the Carousel design in the past.”

Although many supported the employee, many users commented that they would have left the ride if they were there.

“I would leave too if they keep repeating,” one user commented.

“He forced ppl to leave,” another wrote.

Newsweek reached out to Walt Disney World for comment.

In March 2021, Disney workers were spat on by guests for enforcing COVID-19 rules. Some guests were allegedly drunkenly defiant toward cast members and some even pushed workers.

Currently, Disney employees in Orlando, Florida are staging a walkout over the “Don’t Say Gay” bill.

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  1. Oh I see what you did! You brought up an old story to be able to bring up a walkout over a lie. You cheap pieces of journalistic crap. I can’t believe you are still pushing a lie that has been debunked time and time again.

  2. Walt Disney. Wanted to entertain children not abuse THEM. This company has turned on parental choice. BRAINWASHING young children will destroy DISNEY.

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