‘The View’ Fans are Really Upset with the Show Amid Whoopi Goldberg’s Absence

The View fans are feeling out of sorts without their favorite daytime talk show cohosts.

A few days after Joy Behar announced that Whoopi Goldberg is on a brief hiatus from the ABC morning program, folks tuned back in on Monday only to realize that everyone was also gone. (ICYMI: Whoopi is currently in Scotland filming an Amazon Prime limited series inspired after Neil Gaiman’s fantasy novel Anansi Boys, and she’ll be back next month.)

Despite the unexpected rerun, fans returned the next day and saw that Joy still wasn’t back with a new episode alongside fellow costars Sunny Hostin and Sara Haines. After seeing the same situation happen again, many started voicing their frustration on Twitter. “Disappointing that #theview is a repeat again today!” one person wrote. Unsurprisingly, lots of people started asking the same question: Is The View on break? The answer is yes, but it’ll be back soon.

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After several days of reruns, some fans started calling for changes to be made to the show to prevent this from happening in the future.

“I’m tired of the repeats. This type of show shouldn’t have repeats at all. They have 4 regular hosts & enough fill in hosts that new shows should air everyday. The vacation days should alternate. There isn’t any reason for all 4 them to be off at the same time,” a different fan said. “How many weeks per year does The View run repeats/encore presentations? Time to have a backup panel to replace the vacationing regular panel,” another suggested.

Others were upset that they weren’t notified about this news. “It’s always annoying when shows don’t want to keep their viewers informed,” a follower commented.

While there’s no word about the daytime TV talk show planning to change up schedules or adding more people to the roster, there won’t be repeats for too much longer. According to Decider, The View will return with new episodes on Monday, April 25. But why did The View go on break? Neither ABC nor the cohosts have mentioned a reason, but it’s common for this to happen a few times a year, usually around the summer and holidays.

In the meantime, the ladies are sharing sneak peeks of what they’re up to. Over Easter weekend, Sunny revealed that she spent the day with her family in Puerto Rico.

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