13-Year-Old Boy Questioned After Mother Killed & Stuffed Inside Duffel Bag

The young son of a woman killed and then stuffed into a duffel bag has reportedly been questioned by authorities in connection to his mother’s murder, Radar has recently learned.

In a heartbreaking development that has rocked a usually quiet Queens neighborhood on Saturday, 13-year-old Leo Gaal was picked up by New York City police and taken for questioning before ultimately being released to his father.

That is the frightening revelation of a recent New York Post report that suggests the teenager did not have any part in his mother’s killing, despite the authorities still investigating the murder in an attempt to figure out who committed the heinous crime and what the murderer’s motive was.

Making the report even more horrifying is the fact that the victim’s husband recently spoke out and suggested that his family was being targeted, leading him to worry not only about his own his teenage son’s own safety, but also the safety of his second son.

“[My son] Leo is safe. Thank God [my son] is safe,” Howard Klein said on Saturday after revealing he and his family are “in the middle of a terrible experience.”

“There are concerns about our safety,” he added. “Our lives are at risk.”

The victim, 51-year-old Orsolya Gaal, was reportedly found shortly after 8 AM Saturday morning stuffed into a duffel bag and placed on a popular Forest Hills walking path, police have claimed.

A trail of blood running from the victim’s nearby home to her body was also reportedly found, suggesting that the murder took place at Orsolya’s Juno Street residence before being hastily placed into the duffel bag and subsequently transported to the nearby walking path.

After the victim’s body was recovered, the police searched her home for evidence – which is when her teenage son was ultimately handcuffed and taken in for questioning before being released hours later.

“Something is not adding up. But there are cameras along the way,” a source familiar with the situation recently spilled. “They’ll tell if it’s an adult or a child.”

Glenn Van Nostrand, the gentleman to first come across the victim’s body, revealed that he was taking his two dogs for a walk through the Forest Hills path and they alerted him to the duffel bag that was carrying Orsolya’s remains.

“They are scent hounds,” Van Nostrand recently shared regarding the traumatic experience. “They see the world through their noses.”

“But to me it looked a mannequin,” he continued. “It didn’t look very fleshy. It was more like a crash test dummy. I thought it was maybe some equipment being used for something. I didn’t think anything of it.”

“I thought, ‘Oh, my goodness,’ and called police at 8:05 a.m. and said there’s a body in this bag.”

Police are reportedly still investigating the incident and have yet to announce any suspects or people of interest in the case.

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