Depraved Sicko Paid Thousands For ‘Sadistic’ Torture, Murder Videos

A man paid a woman in Venezuela thousands of dollars to create sadistic videos that showed abuse and an apparent murder.

Now, it will be decades before he hurts another person.

Recently, a federal judge in Vermont sentenced Sean Fiore to 27 years in prison for his scheme. He pleaded guilty in October 2021 to conspiracy to kidnap and kill a person overseas, murder-for-hire, conspiracy to produce child pornography and possession of child pornography.

Fiore paid a woman in Venezuela $600 to produce a video that showed the “sadistic” abuse of a child, according to federal prosecutors.

After that, Fiore paid the woman $4,000 to produce a video where the woman kidnapped “a slave,” abused and then killed the victim, prosecutors noted.

Fiore sent the woman a 600-word script with what he wanted the video to show, prosecutors said. The script included burning the victim with cigarettes, urinating on him, filling his mouth with feces and smothering him to death.

The end of the video appeared to show the victim dead.

Fiore also possessed other videos that showed the sexual abuse of minors, prosecutors said.

“It is difficult to imagine more depraved conduct than that of Sean Fiore,” said U.S. Attorney Nikolas P. Kerest for the District of Vermont. “We are grateful for the tremendous support and teamwork provided by HSI and Vermont’s Internet Crimes Against Children Task Force during the investigation of this case. We are also thankful for our partners in the Criminal Division in Washington, D.C., who helped bring Fiore to justice. This office along with its partners will continue to prioritize protecting the vulnerable and prosecuting dangerous offenders such as Fiore.”

The woman in the case — Moraima Escarlet Vasquez Flores, 39 — was also charged in connection to the case. She was arrested in Colombia in 2020 and awaits extradition to the U.S., prosecutors said.

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  1. Still awaiting extradition since 2020!!!
    Good luck with that one!!!!
    And 27 years is not nearly long enough for this scumbag.

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