Noam Chomsky: ‘We’re Approaching the Most Dangerous Point in Human History’

Renowned author, social critic, and philosopher Noam Chomsky believes that human civilization is rapidly “approaching the most dangerous point” in its collective history, citing a conflagration of global crises that threaten to shatter the foundations of modern society.

Chomsky, a Professor of Linguistics at the University of Arizona and at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, explained in an interview with The Statesman that was published on Wednesday that climate change and the specter of nuclear war pose an immediate existential threat to the future of life on Earth.

Over the last three decades, the GOP has become the proud home of climate deniers, many of whom are bankrolled by the fossil fuel industry. Chomsky, however, blames the broader anti-science dogma that has overtaken the Republican Party on former President Donald Trump, whose single term in the White House was in part defined by the gutting of environmental protections.

“Because of Trump’s fanaticism, the worshipful base of the Republican Party barely regards climate change as a serious problem. That’s a death warrant to the species,” Chomsky said, although he stressed that he has not abandoned optimism.

“There are plenty of young people who are appalled by the behavior of the older generation, rightly, and are dedicated to trying to stop this madness before it consumes us all,” he added. “Well, that’s the hope for the future.”

Meanwhile, the looming possibility of a clash of the world’s nuclear superpowers stems from Russian President Vladimir Putin’s “monstrous” war in Ukraine. His saber-rattling has prompted worldwide fears that a miscalculation – or his growing desperation as his war continues to go poorly – could result in him triggering atomic Armageddon.

“We’re approaching the most dangerous point in human history,” Chomsky told New Statesman Senior Editor George Eaton. “We are now facing the prospect of destruction of organized human life on Earth.”

Watch below via The New Statesman:

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  1. Agree 💯 %
    Protecting and preserving what is left of the world’s oceans & natural habitats is essential to preserving life on this dying planet. REPUBLICAN BUREAUCRATS CANNOT GRASP THAT CONCEPT.
    But I am confident humans will destroy the world by other means long before they kill it by destroying the environment..
    indeed, destroying the planet is man’s destiny!!!!!

  2. The problem mister philosopher is the Democrats that have their greedy paws invested in foreign oils and people like you who think putting a piece of tape over 1 hole in the CALLANDER is going to save the world. Until all countries are on board it’s not going to happen period. And to those who think it’s only REPUBLICANS are naive as hell.

  3. It is hard to fix stinking thinking, especially when it is hysterically based. The TRUE data on man made climate change is readily available, but one must investigate rather than spout someone else’s talking points.
    As for Ukraine, once again one should investigate. The west, mainly the US govt, has been “poking the bear” since before 2014 and is the main instigator of this conflict. US foreign policy incompetence is what has created this nuclear threat and to correct it, we need level headed leadership, not demented man children playing at running a govt. Their enacted fantasies are destroying the US.
    The US is the one who needs regime change.

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