Prince William and Kate Moving to Windsor ASAP – Royals Fear the Queen is Too Close to Andrew

William and Kate want to move to Windsor as soon as this summer to be nearer the Queen.

The Cambridges are said to have checked out various royal mansions at Windsor, including Prince Andrew’s Royal Lodge — but he will not budge.

The pair, who split their time between Norfolk and Kensington Palace, are now looking at private homes.

Kate, 40, and Wills, 39, have ruled out Fort Belvedere, once home to King Edward VIII and Wallis Simpson, on the edge of Windsor Great Park.

Insiders claim they also eyed up Frogmore House, where they often take George, eight, Charlotte, six, and Louis, three, to play at weekends.

There were also rumours that the couple could take Adelaide Cottage in the shadow of Windsor Castle — but it is currently being lived in.

And royal sources have dismissed claims the couple are to have apartments in Windsor Castle.

It comes amid fears that disgraced Prince Andrew is getting too close to the Queen.

Prince William and dad Charles lobbied the Queen to strip the Duke of York, 62, of his patronages and military affiliations in January amid his sex abuse scandal.

The Queen’s decision to allow him to walk her into Westminster Abbey at Prince Philip’s memorial last week also caused further “consternation”.

A source said: “The need to move to Windsor is growing more and more. Andrew spends a lot of time with the Queen.

“He lives next door and is always there for her. During the Covid lockdown, the family were glad Andrew was always on hand.

“There is not a man, woman or child who would not say he had every right to be at Philip’s thanksgiving. But the family have been adamant there’s no way back.

“There are real fears that despite being banished from The Firm in January, he is using his closeness to the Queen as a springboard back into public life.”

House-hunting Kate and Wills are also considering schools in Windsor, Bucks and Surrey.

They have additionally looked around Lambrook School, in Ascot, where parents have said Prince George will start soon.

There are also claims the couple want George and Charlotte to go to the same school, which opens up the possibility of Marlborough College, Wilts, where Kate was Head Girl.

Last week, she told Jamaican politician and Old Marlburian Mark Golding: “I loved my time there.”

The Sun also understands that Charles is spending more time on the Windsor estate, carrying out some of Philip’s old roles as ranger.

Andrew sealed a 75-year lease on 31-bedroom Royal Lodge in 2003 with a payment of £1million.

Sources say there are no plans for him to quit the home, where his ex Sarah Ferguson also lives.

A spokesman for Kensington Palace did not want to comment.

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  1. Andrew is not the one to be close to, imo. The Queen threatens her own credibility by supporting him. She can love him from a distance instead. I truly believe that Kate and William love the Queen and will stand strong beside her. Andrew can still visit, correspond, even join in family activities, but he shouldn’t be allowed to secure the Queen’s trust regarding his recent allegations.

  2. Issues or not, he is STILL her son…Why isn’t Charles and that horse-faced wife of his there at Windsor then? Leave HRM alone for God’s sake…She’s over 90 and may not have many years left. Andrew had a right to be there and escort his own MOTHER to his FATHER’S memorial. Just leave them ALONE!!! Charles acted out of spite when he should have had some of HIS OWN TITLES taken after CHEATING on Diana. William should have stayed out of that mess as well…

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