Biden Press Secretary Jen Psaki to Leave White House for MSNBC Job

White House press secretary Jen Psaki will leave her job for MSNBC this spring, two sources familiar with the deal told The Hill.

Psaki’s upcoming departure was first reported by Axios on Friday, with the sources confirming it to The Hill. Psaki will leave the White House for the network around May, according to Axios.

The news follows speculation over whether the press secretary was looking for a job at MSNBC or CNN and while Psaki has been out of the briefing room this week with COVID-19.

Deputy press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre has also been out with COVID-19. White House communications director Kate Bedingfield has held most of the briefings, which was seen as an opportunity to effectively audition for the post.

Psaki has worked with the White House counsel’s office about her departure and no contracts have been signed yet, Axios reported. Additionally, she has talked to senior officials about the move but has not formally announced it to the press team.

Psaki was asked at a briefing last month if she could confirm whether she was looking for a new job, but she indicated at the time that she was not ready to leave the podium yet.

“I have more than enough on my plate here. So you can’t get rid of me quite yet. Sorry, Peter, for you on that,” she replied to Fox News’s Peter Doocy.

The White House didn’t immediately respond to a request for comment from The Hill.

Psaki wouldn’t be the first official to leave the White House for MSNBC. Symone Sanders, former spokesperson for Vice President Harris, was hired by MSNBC in January as a host for a new weekend program.

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  1. I can’t believe anyone would hire this plain jane that never has any information and lies. Looks like MSNBC will hire anything!

    1. She is a Russian implant and “msndc!” will hire anything that can be persuaded to spout off whatever they put in front of her !👎🤬👿

  2. They mean Mark Zuckerberg, aka Mark Greenberg will be leaving the press secretary’s job. Psaki and zuckerberg are the same person. No one is seeing Zuckerberg anymore. He stepped into a female body as Jen Psaki.

  3. I hope that LYING POS know nothing get hit by a bus on hee way out. How can this cunt live with herself

  4. Prior to Covid, the definition for vaccine, was that it gave the recipient immunity. If Psaki was "vaccinated" she should NOT have Covid. says:

    Prior to Covid, the definition for vaccine, was that it gave the recipient immunity.
    To push the Covid “vaccinations” the definition was changed to, recipient getting a less severe case.
    If the “vaccine” does not give immunity, then it is NOT a vaccine.
    It is Experimental Gene Therapy.

    If Democrat Jen Psaki and her Deputy press secretary Democrat Karine Jean-Pierre both have Covid, what good was the NON- vaccine, Experimental Gene Therapy?

    I will tell you, the Covid “vaccine” (which is only effective for 4 months anyway) was a WASTE OF TIME and MONEY.
    The “vaccine” and all the other shit in it made both women sicker.

    They would have been better off getting Covid, which is mild, and getting natural immunity, forever.

    Hope Fauci and Gates and Trudeau have enough money now.
    Canada bought enough for every citizen to get 10 doses. Canada does not expect anyone to become immune?

    No wonder Psaki is leaving. Must have finally gotten to her, lying for the PSYCHOPATH Democrats every day.

  5. The Republicans still think that Trump was a great President. They also think that he is an honest guy who cares about everyone and doesn’t put himself first. Congrats Jen! A smart and articulate woman!

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