‘Jeopardy!’ Fans Call For Mayim Bialik To Be Fired, Demand Former Frontrunner Replace Her

The controversy surrounding Jeopardy! hosts is still ongoing, with fans of the show now demanding that Mayim Bialik, who has performed hosting duties off and on over the last few months, be fired from the game show.

Bialik has not appeared on the show in quite some time, with former contestant Ken Jennings splitting duties with the actress. However, the actress recently hosted Jeopardy! again, and fans of the game show were not pleased. 

“Why is Mayim Bialik hosting Jeopardy again?” one person tweeted. “She is not funny, she has more money than most TV personalities, she endorses a terrible product and should concentrate on other things rather than hosting Jeopardy which she is terrible at. Please bring back Ken Jennings!”

Another viewer wrote, “@Jeopardy Please post on here when @missmayim is OFF Jeopardy so I can start watching again. I refuse to watch the show while she is a host ever again. Post on twitter when she is DONE so I can watch again please. #NotAHost #Stinks #CantWatchJeopardyNow”

Specific Criticisms Of The Host

The viewers who don’t like her hosting style have very specific complaints against Bialik. “Ken Jennings keeps improving as Jeopardy host, while Mayim Bialik just seems to get worse,” someone tweeted. “For instance, tonight, toward the end, when a contestant asked ‘What is auto racing?’ instead of ‘What is drag racing?’ Mayim should have responded ‘Be more specific,’ not ‘Wrong!’”

Another fan pointed out, “While she’s nowhere near as bad as she was when she first started when she would giggle and laugh when nothing was remotely humorous, Mayim Bialik is still, for me, a far inferior host to Ken Jennings.”

Bialik’s Supporters

However, Bialik seems to have just as many supporters as she does haters. “Sooooooo happy that @missmayim is back hosting @Jeopardy !!!!!” one person tweeted. “I love seeing her on the show, she’s an amazing host #Jeopardy #MayimOnJeopardy”

Another fan wrote, “Mayim Bialik is brilliant, awesome, has a beautiful speaking voice, never mumbles the last word of a phrase like someone else does and I will always prefer her as the Jeopardy host.”

Jeopardy! has not yet announced who will be named permanent host, or if they’ll continue to have Bialik and Jennings trade off hosting duties. However, it’s clear that fans of the show feel very strongly one way or another about who will end up taking over as host. 

8 thoughts on “‘Jeopardy!’ Fans Call For Mayim Bialik To Be Fired, Demand Former Frontrunner Replace Her

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  1. Agree with the TWO videos … one who threw TV out, other who shut TV off — except that’s what I do when Ken Jennings is host.
    Those who don’t like Balim are just “nit-pickers.”

    1. I agree. She does an awesome job as host. Too many haters in the world. I think the ratings would be fine without all of them watching.

  2. She is a joke! I refuse to watch Jeopardy when she is on! She is such a MORON! I just do not understand how any one person can be so smart (supposedly) and yet so ignorant!?! And who does her grandma outfits for the show?!

  3. I have to put in my cents worth. I prefer to see BUZZY COHEN as host. I thought he was very relatable to the contestants on the show. He was a very polished host, and in my mind, he really stood out as the best to host Jeopardy.

  4. Love Jeopardy, but not Ken Jennings. I do like Mayim Bialik. This is still the USA and different views are still allowed. Surprise.

  5. She still speaks like she is talking to bunch of first graders. Start by losing the perpetual smile. It distracts from the serious level of the show. Become more serious in line with the high level of intelligence theme of the show. If management has decided that it must be a woman, Caty Curick did a fine job.

  6. Ms Mayim appears to either be nervous with her twitching side-to-side and forced enthusiasm or terribly unaware of how jittery she appears. At times she appears abrupt. If she has someone talking in her ear—it doesn’t help. She has important her hair style and wardrobe, somewhat. Overall, she appears that she’s trying to force herself into a role made for someone else. Ken Jennings is more calm and professional appertaining. He doesn’t have all the jerky, twitchy moves. I vote for Ken Jennings as permanent host, respectfully carrying on Alex Trebek’s professional image. Thanks for listening.

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