6 People Accused of Torturing Roommate They Met Online

Six people are facing felony charges in eastern Texas, where authorities have accused them of beating and torturing a young woman who they allegedly held hostage for about a week.

Henderson County Sheriff Botie Hillhouse spoke about Tuesday’s arrests during his weekly podcast Wednesday.

Hillhouse said that the victim — a woman in her 20s — managed to escape her alleged captors on Tuesday.

As she was walking around Athens, Texas, someone called 911, reporting her as a suspicious person. But when officers spoke to the woman, she shared concerning details about what happened to her.

The woman said she moved from another state to Athens back in November, and was living in a residence with six individuals she had met online.

But, according to Hillhouse, when the victim tried to move out, “they would not let her leave and that’s when they began to hold her there, basically as a hostage, and started torturing her and beating her.”

The victim was treated for “severe” wounds she sustained while being held against her will, Hillhouse said.

Investigators charged the defendants — Felicity Emanuelle Walker, 22; Summer Syler Lawrence, 45; Breonna Cheyenne Johnson, 22; Amanda Marie Andrews, 22; Shayne Joseph Anderson, 30; and Charles K. Bryant, 21 — with aggravated kidnapping.

All six remain in custody on $500,000 bond.

Citing the arrest affidavit, KLTV reports the victim’s body was severely bruised, and bore burn marks. The word “rape” was also shaved into the back of the woman’s head.

The victim told detectives the six defendants made her call each of them “master” and that her captors punched her, hit her with a variety of items, including a walking cane and award medals, and burned her chest with cigarettes, reports the station, citing the affidavit.

A wax sealer was also allegedly used to scald her hand, according to KLTV.

The victim was also allegedly made to eat feces and lettuce the defendants had spat on.

It was unclear Thursday if any of the suspects had entered pleas or had attorneys who could comment on the allegations for them.

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