Haunted Mansion: Dad Kills Son, 13, and Buries Him Under Porch

Urban explorer David Built has captured the eerie interior of the Allan Lucy Murder House in Alabama, US, where a 13-year-old boy was killed by his adoptive father Philip

New pictures show the inside of a lavish mansion that has been left to rot following a gruesome murder that went unsolved for nearly a decade.

Urban explorer David Bulit took a peep inside the property in Uniontown, Alabama, US – known as the Allan Lucy Murder House.

Originally called the Hardie-Coleman house, it acquired its sinister new name after the 13-year-old was murdered in 1985 and discovered buried under the grand porch.

Allan lived there with his adoptive parents Philip and Margaret Lucy when he went missing and they claimed he had run away to Florida to live with his friends.

It was only when the couple sold the home and the new owners began renovating it years later that the truth came out.

A builder discovered the teen’s remains wrapped in a Disney blanket in 1994 while inspecting the foundations.

The mansion, built in 1918, was then abandoned.

David, who runs Abandoned Alabama, has revisited the property to get a series of eerie pictures.

He said: “Ironically, Allan’s adoptive parents were arrested just a week prior to the remains being discovered on an arson charge in connection to the fire that damaged the house.

“Police believed they torched the house in order to claim on the $119,000 insurance policy which was purchased just a month prior.

“While the couple was in custody, authorities performed a thorough investigation of the property and questioned family members before charging Philip Lucy with murder.”

He added: “Residents will never forget the events that unfolded there in 1985.”

Korean War veteran Philip was found guilty of murder in 1997.

He was then re-convicted on appeal in 2001 and hung himself the same day in his jail cell.

Margaret was implicated in Allan’s death but was allowed to remain free to care for her other kids.

She divorced Philip but died of cancer in 1996.

The couple’s biological son, Jason, told anyone who would listen that he had seen his father in the kitchen strike Allan in the head with his fist, knocking him to the ground.

Jason claimed he was ordered to go to his room and later saw Philip walking around outside covered in dirt and holding a shovel.

No one believed him for years until the truth was discovered.

One of David’s snaps shows the crumbling front of the house, where the body was discovered.

Another shows the living room with whitewashed patches on the yellow paint.

Other photos show the extent of the overgrown greenery, and how many rooms are littered with construction supplies.

The market value of the property plummeted after the murder.

It is currently owned by Elmendorf Air Force Base in Alaska.

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