Russian Troops Wore Her Clothes and Drunkenly Shot Off Her Husband’s Leg

A Ukrainian woman whose village was stormed by Russian troops over the weekend told CNN they wore her clothes, stole money, and drunkenly shot her husband in the leg.

The woman told CNN that the Russian troops were acting out of control as they ransacked her home in a village close to Brovary, an eastern suburb of Kyiv.

“They wore my woman’s hat, my coat, my boots. They wore our clothes. They took our bedding … I don’t know what they’ve done with it,” she told CNN in an emotional interview. “They slept. They ate. They wandered about. They stole our money.”

She also told CNN one of the Russians was drunk and used a stolen shotgun to blow her husband’s leg off. She added that two of the troops later admitted that they didn’t support Russian President Vladimir Putin’s invasion of Ukraine.

She said she attended to her husband in the basement of their home for two days before bringing him to the main hospital in Brovary, where CNN interviewed her.

Her husband was lying in a hospital bed next to her with his leg bandaged as she was being interviewed.

Russia has been trying to encircle Kyiv since the beginning of its invasion of Ukraine on February 24. But it has been met with fierce resistance.

Britain’s defense ministry said on Friday that Ukrainian counterattacks had pushed Russian forces more than 20 miles from the capital, according to The Telegraph.

After heavy fighting over the weekend, Ukrainian forces managed to reclaim ground in Brovary, the BBC reported.

The nearest that Russian troops have advanced is in the western suburbs of Irpin and Bucha, about 15 miles from the city center, the BBC reported.

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    1. It would be better if Biden killed himself, instead of trying to instigate a 3rd world war.

  1. Each day when I listen to and read about the
    atrocities inflicted upon these innocent Ukraine
    citizens; I can’t help but wonder IF only we hadn’t
    had an illegal election and President Trump was
    our President, would the Ukraine country have been
    spared this horrible invasion??

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