Scientists Find Wormholes Created by Aliens

An advanced alien civilization may have already created wormholes that allow them to travel between galaxies or even universes.

This is according to a few scientists who think we may have even observed wormholes before but lost the evidence in a ‘sea of data’.

A very advanced alien civilization may have been able to “manipulate space-time itself to create wormholes”, according to a report in BBC Science Focus Magazine.

It notes how Einstein’s theory of gravity allows for these quick routes through space and time to exist.

Scientists aren’t sure what a wormhole would look like.

Some have proposed that they could look like black holes and think we could detect them from the energy they emit.

We may have even picked up wormhole data while scanning the universe for other purposes and not realised.

Prof Fumio Abe of Nagoya University in Japan told Science Focus: “If the wormholes have throat radii between 100 and 10 million kilometres, are bound to our Galaxy, and are as common as ordinary stars, detection might be achieved by reanalysing past data.”

How does a wormhole work?

In theory, wormholes could act like a magical gateway easily connecting two points in space and time with each other.

In science fiction, they’re often depicted as gateways that can let people step into another time or galaxy.

It’s a bit of a confusing concept but a wormhole is essentially a theoretical method of folding space and time so two places in space can be connected together.

Fans of the movie Interstellar will be familiar with this concept.

It shows how astronauts on a spacecraft could travel through a wormhole with only a small amount of time passing for them but, for people back on Earth, hundreds or even thousands of years could have passed.

It’s like drawing a line between two dots on a piece of paper, folding the paper over so the dots are touching and then forcing your pen through the page.

The hole created represents the wormhole.

Einstein theorised that space time can be tangled up so tightly that two points can share the same physical location.

Then all you need is a short wormhole between the two for instantaneous travel.

Physicists at Princeton University in the US have used quantum mechanics to find a mathematical loophole which they think shows it could be possible to create a wormhole large enough for humans and their spacecraft.

They used math to theorize conditions that could make a wormhole possible and even imagined what one would look like.

They wrote: “From the outside they resemble intermediate mass charged black holes.

“Their big size comes from demanding that a human traveller can survive the tidal forces.

“They take a very short proper time to traverse, but a long time as seen from the outside.

“The traveler acquires a very large boost factor, γ, as it goes through the center of the wormhole.”

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