Submerged UFO Found Off the Coast of Peru Using Google Earth

A “UFO researcher” says he has discovered evidence of ancient aliens at the bottom of the Pacific Ocean. The researcher, Scott Waring, shared the discovery earlier this month. Waring believes that a circular object he found off the coast of Nazca, Peru while perusing Google Earth is in fact a submerged UFO.

There has always been a lot of skepticism about the prospect that aliens exist. Some scientists believe that alien life exists on planets we have yet to discover. Others believe that aliens have visited Earth, resulting in the mass of “UFO sightings” that have been reported over the years. There are even some that make a case that octopuses are aliens.

No matter what camp you fall in, the story of this submerged UFO is definitely an intriguing find. The UFO, which Waring reported on in early March, was discovered while Waring was “exploring” the Pacific Ocean using Google Earth. The object in question is a dark circle, and it can be found off the Peruvian coast.

Waring believes that the object is an almost 5-mile-wide UFO sitting at the bottom of the ocean. He also believes that it is somehow directly connected to the Nazca Lines in Peru. This connection, he says is amplified because of the submerged UFO’s proximity to the lines.

What do the Nazca Lines have to do with aliens?

The Nazca Lines are a group of geoglyphs in the Nazca Desert. Archaeologists have long connected the lines as a possible attempt to contact deities in the sky. Others believe they were used as points of observation related to cosmology and astronomy. Unfortunately, because they’re so old, we may never know the true meaning behind them.

Waring believes that the deities the people in ancient Nazca culture were trying to contact could have been aliens, though. Sure, anything is possible, but there’s no solid proof to suggest that as fact.

Is this proof of alien life?

Waring seems intent that the object is a submerged UFO, though. In his original post he writes, “this disk at the bottom of the ocean is 100% proof of ancient aliens and the technology is just sitting there on the bottom of the ocean.”

But is it, really?

While the thought of finding a submerged UFO in the Pacific Ocean is enough to get any fans of alien life excited, there’s just no solid proof to suggest that this object is actually a UFO. It could just as easily be something natural on the bottom of the ocean or even submerged trash of some kind. Without any distinct proof, there’s just no way to say for sure.

There may be alien life out there. After all, it’s a big universe. Unfortunately, we just don’t know. What we do know, though, is that even scientists looking for alien life haven’t been able to find it. Could this new object be another clue to the existence of aliens? I guess that’s up to you to decide.

The post People think they spotted a UFO submerged underwater on Google Earth appeared first on BGR.

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  1. Ok does the writer know that the picture he is using is one from off the coast a Greece? Anyone can be a Journalist these days.

  2. Great now these scumbags in our corrupted communist government can get their hands on it manipulate the story and say that nothing like that exists, like they’ve been lying and hiding things from the American people for 200 years, everything that’s true is a conspiracy theory to these vile demonic scumbags in our corrupted government, but goddess exposing him slowly and opening our eyes as the end nears

  3. Can’t be a uFo. It isn’t flying. So it is an unidentified object or an unidentified submerged object.

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