24 Shot, Including Children, at Car Show in Arkansas

One person was killed and at least 24 others were wounded in a shooting Saturday night at a Dumas car show, according to a Sunday morning news release from Arkansas State Police.

State police on Saturday night initially reported at least 10 people injured and one dead at the show. The number of reported injuries rose by at least 14 overnight.

The 16th annual Hood-Nic Car Show was held Saturday in Dumas, according to the Delta Neighborhood Empowerment Youth Organization website.

The car show was listed as being held at 1101 Arkansas 54. The Hood-Nic (Neighborhood Picnic) is held each year on the weekend of spring break, the website said.

Troopers of the Highway Patrol Division and state police special agents were dispatched to Dumas about 7:25 p.m. after the initial report of a shooting, state police spokesman Bill Sadler said.

One person was in custody in connection with the shooting, state police said Saturday.

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  1. I really believe the Democrats and Pete Butt a gig is behind this. They pay people to mass shoot just to prove the point that guns are lethal and have to be taken away from everyone. Watch, the futue will prove my words! I hate them all!

    1. Cat, that’s crazy. It’s really simple, when the politicians pass laws like they did here in Alabama that anyone can get a gun and carry it openly what do you expect.

      1. BT; it is not simple; truth is; bad people do bad things. the carrier pigeon is extinct because of a ball bat up side their heads. guns are not the problem EVIL is the problem.

  2. Let me guess since they didn’t mention it another woke dope scumbag, urine soaked socialist Democrat voter acting out his frustration that he is a sick freak of society, so therefore he attacks innocent strangers instead of himself and probably a product of a tranny operation that went wrong because he listened to vile satanic Democrats that told him he doesn’t want to be the gender he is, destroyed some communist leftist Pig judge will let him out in a week or two like the black entitlement thug monkey Jussie the stupid ass racist.

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