Kim Jong-un Humiliates Putin for Begging North Korea for Help

President Vladimir Putin has been humiliated by North Korea’s Kim Jong-un who said, “you are too insane for us,” according to one source.

The allegation comes as the Russian invasion of Ukraine is reaching stagnation as Putin’s forces are met with strong resistance by Ukrainian soldiers. Reports have emerged showing Russia has lost up to 13,500 troops in the conflict, as well as a host of hardware assets, forcing Moscow to reach out to its friends abroad.

Already Russia is alleged to have asked China for financial and military assistance in the ongoing war in Ukraine.

However, China has vehemently denied this to be the case, with a Chinese Embassy spokesman in the US stating: “That’s news to me.”

With North Korea being a key ally of Russia through its historical ties with the Communist era of the Soviet Union, the call for help comes as no surprise.

According to Sarah Hurst, Author of XSoviet-News, President Kim was quick to deny Putin assistance.

Writing on Twitter she claimed: “Russia reportedly asked North Korea for help with its failing invasion.

“North Korea responded, ‘You are too insane for us’.”

This has not been verified by other sources.

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  1. This is total BS! I’m so sick of Fake News and their so called “sources”. All of those communist countries support each other because no other countries would come to their aid.

  2. Yeh so why are you guys on here reading and commenting then? it’s only fake news when it’s not an article you guys can amplify with racist or negative democrat responses. Interesting.

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