Man Kills Girlfriend Who Showed Up While Other Girlfriend, Kids Were Home

A Las Vegas man is facing murder charges for allegedly shooting his girlfriend as she tried to leave his home.

Authorities said the incident began when Ketora Denise Feazell, 28, showed up at the home of 31-year-old Marvin Simmons on Monday (March 7).

Feazell had recently spent a weekend in Miami with Simmons and went to his house to drop off a new pair of shoes for him.

While she was outside, Simmons sent her a text message telling her to leave because his other girlfriend and their two kids were inside.

Simmons then opened the garage door, and the two began to argue in the driveway. The altercation became physical, with Simmons shoving Feazell before turning around to go back inside his home.

As Feazell was walking back to her car, the garage door reopened, and Simmons fired several shots at her vehicle.

One of the bullets struck Feazell in the chest, and she was rushed to the hospital, where she was pronounced dead. Her two sisters, who were in the car, were unharmed.

Simmons was charged with one count of open murder and one count of shooting a gun into an occupied vehicle.

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  1. I just want to know What happened to the pair of shoes??
    Were they Air Jordan’s?

  2. I would have never guessed ! 🙄 the same American hating , racist people that are committing 92 to 95% of the crime in America, and given entitlement status by a corrupted communist government because they’re too ignorant and uneducated to vote for the good of the country and all the people ,instead they sell their souls for a free cell phone

  3. the women of today but be really desperate to have children with, and date the human garbage I see on the internet

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