‘Dr Pimple Popper’ Fans Shocked by 25-Year-Old Head Growth

TLC’s ‘Dr Pimple Popper’ is back on the screen again, featuring Dr Sandra Lee, who will be tackling some of the worst skin conditions.

Fans of the show cannot help watching as she handles some really tough skin outgrowths without even breaking a sweat.  

‘Dr Pimple Popper’ Season 7 latest episode was titled ‘ The Never-Ending Keloids’. In this episode, Dr Lee met three new patients with various skin problems. Apart from Todd, she operated on Jeremy, a pastor, who had a huge growth in an embarrassing location.

Evelyn has recurring keloids that have been removed three times and come back bigger each time. Todd, like Jeremy and Evelyn is annoyed and stressed with his 25-year-old forehead bump.

Todd fears doctors and surgeries, but somehow he decides to meet Dr Lee and hopes to remove the mass from his forehead without any painful surgeries.

Todd noticed the bump 25 years ago. Although he admits, he has never seen a doctor for the bump because he fears doctors. Todd said, “My bump is a big pain in the butt”.

The lump of mass is also painful at times and makes him itch. Furthermore, Todd’s appearance was not making it easy for him to secure a job or move freely in society. Todd had almost lost all hope because of the humiliation he faced in his daily life, but decided to give Dr Lee a chance. 

Viewers of the show had some opinions to share. A fan tweeted,”25 years?!🤨 That lump could’ve been cancerous. This mushy show of emotion is fake and annoying. @TLC it’s not necessary. #DrPimplePopper.” Another fan said,”

That’s got to be pure gold for Todd to now have that huge bump on his forehead gone after 25 thanks to Sandra Lee those are tears of joy #drpimplepopper.”

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  1. How can people think that this show is fake? Do they not realize that people truly are afraid to go to doctors out of fear of what ‘it’ could be? I think this show has led more people to finally get their ‘its’ removed. If you find the show fake & annoying, stop watching it but don’t tell TLC to stop the show because of how you feel. I find this show to be interesting as I had a lipoma that sat on nerves on my lower back which caused a lot of pain. It wasn’t protruding out like the ones you see but I had it removed and what the dr. thought about its size, well it ended up being like a bushel of grapes. It was growing inward as opposed to outward and it could’ve been disabling had I not had it removed. That was 42 years ago and am grateful my dr. removed it properly. This show is educational for those who don’t do doctors on a normal basis, and it shows positive results for those who have given up. Love Dr. Lee’s bedside manner & am sure her way has shown other drs how to be.

  2. I have a bump on my back that I have had since June 1975.It started as a blackhead like tenderness, called DR heat packs, it emptied and drain no more problems for a few months, then it came back. Not painful, just aggravating if rub the area. Lately it has gotten so it itches like crazy. I was getting PT on rotator cuff repair, during soft tissue release therapist was concerned as I a blue patch of skin, that is the cyst. PPC said leave it alone for now, unless it starts to grow or drain.

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