Elementary Teacher Beaten by 5-Year-Old Student – Needs Surgery After Brutal Attack

A South Florida elementary schoolteacher from Pines Lakes Elementary had to be hospitalized after a 5-year-old student in her classroom attacked her last week. She had to be intubated and will need surgery.

According to Fox13, two students in the classroom, ages 4 and 5, began throwing objects at the teachers and flipping the chairs.

The injured teacher, Trisha Meadows, brought the 5-year-old into another room after several faculty members split up the students. President of the Broward Teachers Union, Ana Fusco, stated that at that moment the 5-year-old unnamed student then attacked Meadows.

“He actually ran and attacked and jumped on her with his whole body weight,” Fusco said. “She fell and hit her head, which caused the severe injury and other bodily injuries where she is going to need surgery.”

The publication reports that school faculty members could hear Meadows on her school radio, requesting help. When an officer finally arrived to aid assistance, they found her sitting on the ground against the wall, appearing to be in a “faint state.”

Despite Meadows blinking and breathing, the officer stated that she was otherwise “unresponsive,” stating that she was unable to “verbally respond or show any signs of a response.”

Meadows was rushed to a nearby hospital but has been released and is recovering at home. She has not yet undergone surgery for her injuries.

It wouldn’t be the first time the student has violently attacked their teacher. Fusco revealed Meadows had been hospitalized three separate times after violent outbreaks by the student, including an incident where the student threw a bookcase on the teacher, leaving her pinned underneath it.

“She has been hospitalized several times by this student. It’s not this first time, not the second time; it’s the third time,” Fusco said. “The district has failed. They need to get in there and when the teachers are saying, ‘I’ve got this happening,’ whether it’s one time. It should never get past one time when it’s that severe of rage and violence.”

One parent, who did not want to be identified, shared with the news outlet that her child is in the same class, a special needs classroom. The 5-year-old has also been known to strike other students, causing black eyes and other injuries.

“You continuously get this from one student, one, two students; it’s an issue,” the parent said. “This is not the first time that this has happened at this school, in this classroom. I feel like there needs to be the proper support. This is a special needs class; however, they’re not equipped to deal with things like this.”

The Broward County School Board told WSVN that all district protocols were followed. The Broward Teachers Union says Meadows is unlikely to return to the school.

Due to the boy’s age, charges against him are not likely.

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  1. BROWARD COUNTY is Obviously a chitehole for raising the mentally ill. They must raise emotionally ill kids in that district and the parents obviously see it as cheap babysitting.

    The last little scum, mentally ill or not killed all those children, now this little man made monster is attack a teach numerous times? YEAH NO – That kid needs medical attention, meds and a special private institution, as NO ONE child or teacher or human or animal should be subjected to this type of assault.

    Rid the kid, rid the problems, rid the parents and whallaa issue solved.

    As for the kid, he needs obvious institutional help and not at this institution

  2. Since this article mentions that Ms. Meadows has been hospitalized three times due to injuries from this one student, it is likely she has been injured many more times at his hand. What that tells me is that she is not qualified to deal with special needs children, as violent behavior is not all that rare with them. What we need are not special needs classrooms in our public schools, but special needs schools, designed and staffed to meet their needs. If that involves desks bolted to the floors to make it work, then so be it. Had the bookcase mentioned in this article been fastened to the wall, this student would not have been able to overturn it on the teacher.

  3. This is not a mental institution its is supposed to be a school. This kid and its parents shouldn’t be allowed to use the school for baby sitting.
    As the last Broward County Psycho killed numerous innocent children, this Ione is on target to be the next one and no one is doing anything to protect the innocent here either, not other students or teachers

  4. 5 years old ,& this little bastard is already acting like a little woke dope little moron, must have wonderful parents, even the father was around which I doubt, this is what the future is going to look like with leftist government fed brain dead children getting their rear ends kissed and protected by our corrupted government , who keeps threatening parents from disciplining him for teaching this child any respect control or manners, this is the New World Order of communist indoctrination Educators scumbags, they won’t put their own children through, welcome to the world of government N.W.O.elitist scumbags.

    1. John, it is the Republicans trying to control EVERYTHING in schools, women’s bodies, and books in schools. This is your idea of freedom. It is called Republican CONTROL!

      1. Please, it isn’t Republicans that are controlling everything it is the far left Dems that are the models of a snowflake and cannot see a lie as a lie, no such thing as a white lie! All politicians are responsible for the condition our country is in. Most Republicans – RINO’s need to be shown the door! All liberal Dems must go. Stop sending our children to fight in a war that will NEVER be won! (Vietnam). The problems is the parents of these children! There isn’t any guidance from home, certainly no discipline, no teaching of morales, no good example of what a loving parent is. I’ve worked within the school system and have been hit by a boy with his closed fist just for asking him to stay in lunch line and choose his food. I’ve also had an older boy slug my hand and break my thumb! I have always been loving towards the children, their behavior is getting so much worse. I retired because I got tired of being the punching bag of the children AND THEIR PARENT! It starts at home! Stop the abuse, plrase’

      2. Are you out of your mind or just a woke, liberal progressive??
        Gotta be one or the other.

  5. This child needs help. The parents meed to take the child out of the school until he gets help. And the teacher should have more TAs in the classroom. Kids with no discipline IS the gov’ts fault. No wonder teachers quit.

  6. The teacher should sue the school and the parents of this kid. Other parents whose children were assaulted by this kid do so as well. The school needs to expel the child to prevent others from being harmed. He should be arrested and forced mental intervention is needed. Any possibility to prevent this child from committing murder needs to be done now.

  7. Bet this is one teacher who won’t be embracing wokism and CRT!!

  8. I attended various schools form 1936 through 1948, and never saw or heard of a teacher being attacked by a student. I attended schools in Wyoming and Nebraska.

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