No Charges for Biker Who Fatally Shot Woman After She Hit Him with Car

Andrew Derr, a 40-year-old motorcyclist, was cleared of any wrongdoing in the fatal shooting of Sara Morales, a 35-year-old library assistant who allegedly intentionally hit him with her car.

In November, Morales hit Derr with her blue Kia and fled the scene, according to the Orange City, Florida, Police Department. After failing to get her to pull over, Derr and other motorists followed her home, where she allegedly obtained a gun and pointed it at Derr. The 40-year-old then took out his own firearm and fired multiple rounds, fatally wounding Morales.

On Tuesday, the Orange City Police Department confirmed to Newsweek that Derr would not face any charges in the shooting.

“While the facts in this case are truly heart-breaking, the law does not authorize the filing of any criminal charges. Our sincerest thoughts and prayers go out to the Morales family,” the State Attorney’s Office told WFTV in a statement.

Ahead of the shooting, Morales yelled at the people outside her home that “three men” followed her, according to a 911 call WESH published in November. Shortly after, shots were heard in the background and the caller told the operator that the “dude that got hit on the bike” shot the woman. The caller said the shooting occurred because “she pulled a gun out on him.”

Derr remained at the woman’s home until law enforcement arrived and Orange City Police Department Lieutenant Jason Sampsell told Newsweek in November that he didn’t anticipate charges would be filed.

A police report obtained by Newsweek said Derr was worried that Morales was going to “shoot him and that he was going to die.” Derr told WOFL at the time that he felt terrible about the shooting but felt he had “no other choice.”

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Morales’ 11-year-old daughter Gianna was inside the house at the time and on the phone with 911 as well. Doreen Morales, Sara’s mother, told Inside Edition in February that her daughter likely thought if she showed them the gun they would “back off.” She added that her daughter was “standing up for what she believed in and that’s what got her in trouble.”

“She should have stayed in the house,” Doreen said.

Derr shot Morales three times, according to the police, and Doreen said there was “nothing anyone could do” because her daughter lost so much blood. The 35-year-old was transported to the hospital but was pronounced dead shortly after arriving.

While Doreen believes her daughter should have just stayed in the house, she told Inside Edition it’s a “tough pill to swallow” that Derr was released after speaking with police and wasn’t charged.

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  1. He got hit, HE FOLLOWED HER HOME – He followed her home and he shot her 3 times not once. He made this happen. He could have and should have reported her to police, sent the incident to the police, license and if he followed her home her address and stayed until they arrived – He is a Guilty Parasite and he’ll do it again now that he got away with it. I had a Biker hit us, no one pulled a gun, but there are other ways to handle these things and he needs a Manslaughter charge as he FORCED the Confrontation by bullying her

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