Montel Williams Calls Fla. Surgeon General a ‘Circus Clown’ for COVID Views

Television host Montel Williams blasted Dr. Joseph Ladapo, Florida’s surgeon general, in a Monday tweet, calling the official a “circus clown” for his stance on COVID-19 safety guidelines.

Williams, who became famous for his former long-running eponymous show, currently hosts Military Makeover on Lifetime and is a resident of Miami, made his displeasure known regarding the COVID-19 policies from Governor Ron DeSantis, and more specifically Ladapo.

His tweet came as a reply to an announcement from Kyle Lamb, who works on DeSantis’ data and communications team. Lamb posted about a roundtable the governor held Monday morning, during which Ladapo recommended Florida be the first state to recommend against healthy children being vaccinated for the disease.

“You mean the circus clown posing as Florida’s Surgeon General because @RonDeSantisFL can’t get anyone competent to work for him?” Williams tweeted. “Congrats on being on the wrong side of history though! I’ll pray for you.”

Montel Willlams
TV host Montel Williams called Dr. Joseph Ladapo, Florida’s surgeon general, a “circus clown” on Monday. Above, Williams is seen accepting the Beacon of Courage and Dedication Award during the annual “Gathering for Cure” awards gala of Brain Mapping Foundation on July 10, 2021 in Los Angeles. Getty

Williams’ message drew an immediate response from Lamb.

“Oh, Montel, you’re going to tell me Ivy League MD/PhD isn’t qualified to be Surgeon General?”

Christina Pushaw, DeSantis’ press secretary, also took issue with Williams’ comments and tweeted, “Knockoff Jerry Springer calls Harvard educated doctor a ‘clown,'” adding, that his criticism was “beyond parody.”

When contacted for further comment by Newsweek, Pushaw indicated she did not wish to elaborate beyond her original message.

Florida Department of Health press secretary Jeremy Redfern also weighed in by tweeting, “The Surgeon General of Florida has an MD and PhD from Harvard. He was a research physician at NYU and UCLA. You’re a daytime talk show host.”

Williams’ tweet had some defenders who agreed with the television personality. Many others, however, referenced his past relationship with Vice President Kamala Karris, who he dated briefly more than 20 years ago.

Ladapo was confirmed as Florida’s surgeon general on February 23, despite objections from Democratic leaders in the state, including Florida Agriculture Commissioner Nikki Fried. In a statement, Fried, who is running for governor against DeSantis, called Ladapo an “anti-science quack.”

During his confirmation process, Newsweek reported a background check for Ladapo included a former supervisor at UCLA who said they would not recommend him for the position. Ladapo created “stress and acrimony” during his time at UCLA for his opinions on the school’s COVID policies, according to the supervisor.

“It’s unfortunate that a single comment from a disgruntled supervisor would find facilitating discussions a cause for concern, especially during such an ever-evolving medical landscape,” Redfern told Newsweek at the time.

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  1. And you are SURGEON GENERAL WILLIAMS???? Not likely, but u might want to read up on immune systems and how they work! In the mean time Monty ZIP-IT

    1. Montell Williams? Boy, that’s a name I haven’t heard in decades. Talk about someone whose best days are “yester”.

      1. Money can never fill the void of fame craved by narcissists like Montel. So he and his kind will always crawl out from the wood work years and even decades later in an attempt to be relevant and famous again. So Sad.

        So I can listen to the expert advice, concerning a virus, of an educated doctor or a sensational headline grabbing talk show host. Hmm that’s a tough one NOT! So who is the Circus Clown? Answer: Bozo Montel Williams the Black Clown. Crawl back into the car you Confused CLOWN!

  2. Wow!!!! I have never seen so many useful idiots as right now over this. “The science” is meant to be tested and tried by many to find if the same conclusion can be replicated multiple times over. All I see ever since the beginning of this plandemic is scientist after scientist debunk the hysteria put out by media and the likes of Montel Williams, along with politicians, with the help of the CDC, trying to seize power. This is not time for power grab and trying to re lain your glory days of lime light. Now is the time for truth!!! And, to be called a clown or a conspiracy theorist just because you follow the research and speak the truth, the facts is so anti-American and anti-science It is absolutely unbelievable! It is disgusting!

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