Woman Tosses Boyfriend’s Dog off 7th-Floor Balcony

A Florida woman cruelly tossed her boyfriend’s dog to its death from a seventh-floor balcony during a heated argument, police and the shattered pet owner said.

Eric Adeson, 56, said he was traumatized after watching his girlfriend of eight months smile before throwing his beloved 3-year-old pug, Bucky, off the balcony during a spat in his Clearwater Beach condominium early Sunday.

“I was just screaming, I was horrified,” Adeson told The Post of the instant his pooch went over the balcony. “I lost Bucky and I lost someone I cared about. There’s just so much tragedy in this story.”

Adeson claimed his lover, Shelley Nicole Vaughn, 46, had been drinking, using prescription drugs and smoking marijuana prior to throwing his cellphone and keys over the balcony before picking up Bucky when he asked her to leave.

“A part of me was thinking, ‘Is there any way he’s still alive?’” Adeson recalled Tuesday. “But the common sense in me said no way.”

3-year-old Bucky was tossed off the balcony by Eric Adeson’s girlfriend, Shelley Nicole Vaughn, police said.

Bucky landed on asphalt in the parking lot of Adeson’s building, where Vaughn also lives on the fifth floor. 

“I’m in a state of shock over this whole thing,” Adeson said.

Vaughn is facing charges of felony animal cruelty in Bucky’s death, criminal mischief and domestic battery, WTVT reported. She remained in custody early Tuesday, online records show. It’s unclear if she’s hired an attorney who could comment on her behalf.

Adeson said he got Bucky in 2019 as a companion dog to his 13-year-old puggle, Sandy, as the elder pooch underwent cancer treatment. The other dog was not harmed during Sunday’s attack, he said.

Adeson has also filed a civil suit against Vaughn, whom he obtained a restraining order against hours before the attack, WTVT reported.

“We felt it necessary to do something big and loud to scream to the community that these kinds of acts are unacceptable,” Adeson’s attorney, Katherine Neal, told the station.

Shelley Nicole Vaughn.
Shelley Nicole Vaughn is facing charges of felony animal cruelty in Bucky’s death, criminal mischief and domestic battery.

Adeson’s civil suit seeks $30,000 in damages, the Tampa Bay Times reported.

Adeson, who works as a math and SAT tutor, said he contacted an attorney after cops didn’t arrest Vaughn 24 hours after the attack. She was taken into custody Monday afternoon, he said.

Vaughn had gotten aggressive and physical with Adeson before, he claimed, including during a September incident in Atlanta when she allegedly hit him. But Adeson ended up not pressing charges, he said.

“The combination of Xanax, marijuana and alcohol makes her snap,” Adeson said. “She just goes crazy.”

Adeson said his relationship with Vaughn is over and he’s now focused on getting justice for Bucky. Any damages he receives from his civil suit will likely be donated to animal welfare advocates, he said.

“This is not about anything other than Bucky or bringing her to justice and looking to get her the help she needs,” Adeson said of his civil suit. “Her life will never be the same.”

Adeson said Vaughn is “going through a tough time” due to the deteriorating health of her mother, who is battling cancer. She had never shown signs that she could hurt his dogs before, he said.

“God no, she’s a former dog owner herself,” Adeson said. “I cared about her and Bucky was the sweetest dog ever. He never met any person or dog he didn’t love.”

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  1. Hey Eric you knew this pos was a loser long ago.
    Shame on you … you’ve probably smoked too much weed yourself.

  2. Omg! How aweful! I hope she gets life in prision. Please leave her now!!! I’m so sorry 😞

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