4 thoughts on “Man Kills 3 Children, 1 Other, Himself at California Church

  1. Oh ya let’s ignore that the man was violent and killed his daughters. Let’s only focus on the gun. What an absolute idiot.

  2. If she had a restraining order against him, there should have been a security guard there and the man should have been frisked for a weapon at the very least. Personally, I don’t think he should have been allowed to even see the girls. Now they’re dead, so tragic.

  3. A restraining order meant he was aggressive and possibly dangerous. Therefore he should not have been allowed any kind of visitation, anywhere. Their blood is on the court system.

  4. Food for thought, chaperone is that a new term for a replacement daddy? Everyone has a fuck it line. How far was he pushed before he snapped? Good work momma!

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