Actor Michael Madsen Arrested Weeks After Son’s Death

“Reservoir Dogs” star Michael Madsen was arrested Wednesday night at his home in Malibu, just weeks after his 26-year-old son died.

According to The Sun, someone captured photos of Madsen being escorted to a police vehicle with his hands behind his back. Three police cars arrived at the “Reservoir Dogs” star’s house at around 9:30 p.m.

Though Madsen doesn’t appear physically hurt in the photos, police first escorted him to West Hills Hospital, per The Sun. Hours later, Madsen and the police left the hospital to take him to the police station. He was booked in jail a few minutes after midnight with a $500 bail set.

Per the Los Angeles County Sheriff Department’s website, we know that he was charged with a misdemeanor. He was released from jail around 6:45 this morning, likely due to that bail. The website did not reveal what type of misdemeanor they charged the “Reservoir Dogs” star with. Nor why he was taken to the hospital.

‘Reservoir Dogs’ Star Michael Madsen’s Son Dies by ‘Suspected Suicide’

“Reservoir Dogs” star Michael Madsen’s arrest comes just one month after the death of his son, Hudson. The 26-year-old was a US Army Sergeant, and he lived with his wife Carlie in Hawai’i.

Hudson died on Jan. 23, apparently by gunshot. A spokeswoman for the Department of the Medical Examiner in Honolulu said, “I can confirm Hudson Lee Madsen, 26, died by a gunshot wound to the head in a suspected suicide on the island of Oahu.”

The news devastated the family, who released a statement a few days after Hudson’s death. “We are heartbroken and overwhelmed with grief and pain at the loss of Hudson,” the family said. “His memory and light will be remembered by all who knew and loved him. We ask for privacy and respect during this difficult time. Thank you.”

The “Reservoir Dogs” star himself also spoke out about his son’s loss. Specifically, Madsen described the last text message he received from his son before he died.

“I am in shock as my son, whom I just spoke with a few days ago, said he was happy — my last text from him was ‘I love you, dad,’” Madsen said in a statement on his son’s passing.

“It’s so tragic and sad. I’m just trying to make sense of everything and understand what happened,” Madsen continued. “He had typical life challenges that people have with finances, but he wanted a family. He was looking towards his future, so it’s mind-blowing. I just can’t grasp what happened.”

Many fans and friends of the Madsens have extended their condolences to the family. Hopefully, the “Reservoir Dog” star and his family can lean on one another during this difficult time.

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  1. Misleading headline again. Tells us nothing about why the washed-up actor was arrested. And $500.00 bail? That’s spreadin’ around money for out-of-work actors. Trying to sensationalise the headline for some reason, it looks like there’s no link between the two events. Another *Nothing Burger* story. Shameful!

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