Couple Call Police After ‘Human Hair’ Seen Coming Out of Their Car

A couple in the US called the cops after discovering what they thought was human hair in their car’s exhaust.

Deborah Lieber was planning a party when her husband William returned home looking ‘visibly rattled’ with a large ‘clump of hair’ in his hand.

He explained that he had pulled it out of the exhaust of his 2016 Ford Expedition and the couple, from Wisconsin rushed out to the driveway, where A&E doctor William continued to fish the lifelike locks from the vehicle.

Fearful there may somehow be human remains in their family car, they called the police – who were equally baffled by the discovery.

Kennedy News and Media
Kennedy News and Media

Mum-of-four Deborah said: “I instantly thought it could be remains in the car. We listen to crime podcasts when riding in the car together.

“We both thought it looked exactly like human hair. I thought ‘is this a witch-like thing? Is this voodoo?’

“I didn’t know much about it but it seemed like something out of one of the podcasts we’d listened to, or The Ring, or Blair Witch Project.

“We asked ourselves, what if this is real hair? What if something else is up there?

“It looked like hair. It was soft like hair. I couldn’t really process what was going on.”

Credit: Kennedy News and Media
Credit: Kennedy News and Media

They assumed it couldn’t be human hair, but were unable to come up with a plausible explanation. Concerned something sinister was going on, they decided to call the cops.

Deborah, 46, said: “We’d explained that we found it in our exhaust pipe, didn’t know what it was and assumed it wasn’t human hair.

“The law enforcement officer looked at it with total confusion. He was just as baffled as we were.

“He started kicking it around and looking for body parts. He said there weren’t any, there wasn’t a scalp that’d make him think it was human hair and there was nothing to indicate it was once alive.

“He said he’d file a report and went to ask our neighbours to review their CCTV.”

Fortunately, her brother-in-law was eventually able to get to the bottom of it.

Credit: Kennedy News and Media
Credit: Kennedy News and Media

Deborah said: “Our brother-in-law, who’s an IT guy, looked it up online and found what looked exactly like what we’d found.

“He said in some cars there’s fibrous material they use for insulation. It looks and feels like human hair.

“When that breaks down, when a muffler is about to go, it sheds the hair-like product out of the tailpipe.

“I couldn’t believe anything mechanical could cause something like this but sure enough, it looked exactly like what we’d found.”

Now, a lot of Deb’s friends have got muffler hair envy.

She said: “People were seeing the story on social media and they were as horrified as I was. I was surprised by the number of people who had had similar happen to them.

“A lot of my friends were like ‘how does this muffler have such beautiful hair with highlights and lowlights’? They were joking that the muffler has nicer hair than them.”

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