Teacher Feeding Kids Sperm-Laced Desserts Pleads Guilty

A 34-year-old teacher pleaded guilty earlier this week to committing multiple sex crimes in 2019 involving underage victims.

According to WAFB-TV, on Monday, Feb. 14, Cynthia Perkins pleaded guilty to second-degree rape, production of child pornography, and mingling of harmful substances.

According to a press release from the Livingston Parish Sheriff’s Office, the Louisiana Bureau of Investigation received a tip from the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children about a “possible possession and distribution of child pornography.”

As a result, Cynthia and her husband, Dennis Perkins, were arrested and booked into the Livingston Parish Detention Center on 60 counts of production of pornography involving a juvenile under the age of 13, two counts of first-degree rape, three counts of possession of pornography involving a juvenile under the age of 13, two counts of video voyeurism, and two counts of obscenity.

Cynthia accepted a plea deal and has agreed to testify against her husband, WAFB reports. In her plea, Perkins reportedly admitted to assisting her husband in the sexual assault of an underage victim. According to WAFB, she also admitted to helping her husband film a child while bathing and had laced desserts with Dennis’ sperm. She allegedly gave the sperm-laced desserts out to her students.

Cynthia is reportedly expected to testify at her sentencing, scheduled for Friday, Feb. 18. According to WAFB, Dennis has pleaded not guilty, and his trial is scheduled to begin May 9.

Dennis was reportedly a lieutenant with the Livingston Parish Sheriff’s Office and served there since 2002. According to the Sheriff’s Office, he was fired after the Sheriff’s Office learned about the charges and evidence.

Louisiana Attorney General Jeff Landry said in a statement, “Today, Cynthia Perkins admitted to her crimes and pled guilty in court. She not only waived any right to appeal, and attempt to avoid conviction, but she also spared the victims from reliving her horrific crimes during this particular trial.”

Landry added, “Today’s conviction is in the best interest of our victims and justice. I wish to thank Assistant Attorney General Barry Milligan and Assistant Attorney General Erica McLellan for their work in obtaining this guilty plea, and we look forward to holding Dennis Perkins accountable for his crimes in the very near future.”

Original Article: https://truecrimedaily.com/2022/02/16/louisiana-woman-sperm-laced-desserts-students-pleads-guilty-cynthia-perkins/

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    1. One can only hope that this woma spends the rest of her life in Jail! There is no reason not to imprison her and quite frankly were there a death penalty, I’d suggest that it be used on her!

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    A parasite on society feeding off the innocence of children. Total Sicko
    In my day this creep would have disappeared never been seen again and no one would have said a word……
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    Hope this creep rots in hell……
    He deserves it……..

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