Rudy Giuliani Claims He Has Evidence Proving Hillary Spied on Trump in His Bedroom

Rudy Giuliani claimed on Tuesday that he has evidence that proves Hillary Clinton spied on Donald Trump following the 2016 election.

Much has been made in conservative about a filing made Friday by special counsel John Durham, who is investigating the origins of the Department of Justice’s probe into potential connections between Trump and Russia. Durham’s filing was seized on as evidence that Trump was being monitored after the campaign.

As NBC News reported,

John Durham, appointed by then-Attorney General William Barr in 2020 to probe the origins of the FBI’s investigation of Russian election interference, said “Tech Executive-1,” not named in the filing but first identified by The New York Times as Rodney Joffe, used his access to domain name system, or DNS, data to compile information about which computers and servers the White House servers were communicating with.

The filing does not specify whether any of the data collection occurred while Trump was in office. It also does not allege that the content of any communications from the Executive Office of the President (EOP) or any parties were compromised or read and there’s no indication data collection went beyond identifying where the internet traffic came from and where it went.

Claims that Durham’s filing offer any new evidence, or prove that Clinton’s campaign hired someone to spy on Trump, have been widely dismissed.

Giuliani discussed the Durham filing on Newsmax TV Tuesday, and claimed to have mountains of evidence in his bedroom or his den to prove it.

“I can’t tell you exactly how, but I know how he knew about it back then,” Giuliani claimed. “There’s a lot more to come out.”

Giuliani then said that while people might be inclined to think that claims Clinton spied on Trump are mere “gobbledygook,” he has receipts.

“But it’s gobbledygook supported by about 1,000 pieces of evidence, none of which have been revealed yet.”

Giuliani concluded, “I happen to have it in my bedroom, or my den, actually. I’ve had it there for years.”

‘I Happen to Have It in My Bedroom’: Rudy Giuliani Claims He Has Evidence Proving Hillary Spied on Trump first appeared on Mediaite.

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