Ohio Mayor Says Ice Fishing Can Lead to Prostitution

An Ohio mayor resigned Monday after receiving derision for contending

Craig Shubert, who was the mayor of Hudson, made the ice fishing remarks at a City Council meeting last week.

“My attempt to inject a bit of dry humor to make a point about this, in the midst of a cold, snowy February, was grossly misunderstood,” Shubert’s resignation letter said.

Mayor Craig Shubert in a City Council meeting, Feb. 8, 2022 in Hudson, Ohio.

During the meeting last week, Shubert’s comments were met with silence.

“If you open this up to ice fishing, while on the surface it sounds good, then what happens next year? Does someone come back and say, ‘I want an ice shanty on Hudson Springs Park for X amount of time?’” Shubert said at the time.

“And if you then allow ice fishing with shanties, then that leads to another problem: prostitution.”

Shubert previously made headlines when he described giving books with writing prompts involving sex and alcohol to students as “distributing essentially what is child pornography in the classroom,” according to Cleveland news station WKYC.

The Hudson City Council said Tuesday that it plans to find Shubert’s replacement in “the coming weeks.”

“City Council appreciates the time and dedication that Mayor Shubert has put in to serving the citizens of Hudson,” the council’s president, Chris Foster, said in a statement. “We respect his decision and wish him the best in the future.”

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