‘Jeopardy!’: Mayim Bialik Makes a Change… And Viewers Aren’t Happy

Current Jeopardy! host Mayim Bialik is trying to put her own stamp on the long-running game show, but some fans are not happy with even the most minor of changes.

The biggest point of contention appears to be Bialik’s use of the phrase “Single Jeopardy!” to refer to the opening round of the game, which is usually just called “Jeopardy!”. The Call Me Kat star used the term twice on Thursday evening, in both the regular edition of the show and the National College Championship.

Sticklers for tradition did not like this new turn of phrase and were quick to let Bialik know about it on social media. “@missmayim It is NOT single Jeopardy!! It is the Jeopardy round. Please don’t keep calling it that,” tweeted one disgruntled viewer.

Others shared similar sentiments, with one fan writing to The Big Bang Theory alum, “You make my brain hurt when you say “Single Jeopardy.” Jeopardy has had enough change – stop trying to reinvent it please!”

Bialik was named the host of prime-time specials last year at the same time former Jeopardy! producer Mike Richards was announced as the new permanent host of the regular show. However, things were thrown into chaos after insensitive comments made by Richards in a past podcast appearance came to light.

Following the backlash, Richards was quickly removed from his position, and since then, Bialik has been sharing stand-in host duties with former Jeopardy! champion Ken Jennings. But Bialik seems to be having a tougher time gaining acceptance from fans than Jennings, with her “Single Jeopardy!” tic driving most of the frustration.

“There’s no reason hearing Mayim say “Single Jeopardy” should annoy me as much as it does but it makes me irrationally annoyed,” tweeted one viewer earlier this month, while another added, “Someone! Anyone!! PLEASE tell Mayim that the first round of #Jeopardy! is NOT known as “Single Jeopardy”.

While a lot of fans seemed annoyed with Bialik’s “Single Jeopardy” faux pas, others thought that people were making a mountain out of a molehill.

“I’m going to exclusively refer to the first round of #Jeopardy as ‘Single Jeopardy!’ from now on simply because it seems to bother a whole lot of weirdos,” wrote one viewer. “In fact, the second round is now ‘Double Single Jeopardy!’ and it’s followed by ‘Final Single Jeopardy!’.”

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  1. Come on people…talk about Picky!!!! I think she does a great job, she is a very intelligent lady and well suited for the job. Is it really that important that you have to make a big deal out of it?

  2. I find MayimBialik thoroughly entertaining. She is tough to look at however. Please, somebody teach her how to dress. A loss of a little weight would also help.

  3. She appears to have reclaimed the old wardrobe from Little House on the Prairie. Her cadence is robotic and her attitude is know-it-all smug, though I doubt she’d last more than one game if she were a contestant.

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