Enormous Squid Caught by a Fisherman in Hawaii – “One of the Monsters from the Deep”

Nikko Eterovich, a commercial fisherman based in Hilo Harbour, caught the diamond squid on February 1. He said it was the biggest squid he has ever caught. According to the fisherman, the squid’s weight broke the Hawaii state record.

Eterovich told local television station KHON2 that the heaviest diamondback squid ever caught in Hawaii weighed 28.5 pounds. His catch weighed approximately 33.5 pounds.

This squid was 4.8 feet long and 2.1 feet across. Pictures of the squid were shared to Facebook and can be seen here.

The diamondback squid is found tropical waters across the globe. They normally grow to between 3 and 4.2 feet, potentially making this squid one of the longest ever caught. In the daytime, they travel to depths of about 164 feet below surface level. However, they come up at night to feed, which is when they are normally seen by fishermen.

Andrew Rossiter, of the Waikiki Aquarium based in Honolulu told KHON2: “It’s one of the monsters from the deep that we see occasionally in Hawaii. It’s a big animal. It’s a big animal. I’m not sure as I mentioned what species it is but it’s probably normally found in deeper offshore waters. So unusual to see it caught.”

Eterovich caught the squid during a normal night of work, while he and his crew were in about 6,000 feet of water. The fisherman said that at first, he and his crew thought it could be a manta ray.

Once he realized what it was, he grabbed his fishing pole and tried to hook it.

However the squid did not come easily. Eterovich said that his deckhand was unable to hook it and it “plummeted to the depths.”

“I thought for sure it was gone,” he told KHON2. “I gave it a line but kept the tension and was able to fight it back up to the surface. Wasn’t going to let it get away the second time.”

The exact population of diamondback squids is not known. They are fished commercially in certain parts of South East Asia.

The fisherman sold the squid to a local fish market where they said it was the biggest by far they have seen in years. Eterovich told KHON2 it could make “about 100 plates of calamari.”

Another hefty diamondback squid was found in the Maldives in 2019 by trainee fisherman Mohamed Jaleel. Jaleel’s diamondback weighed 42 pounds, making it one of the heaviest on record.

The biggest species of squid in the world is the giant squid. The largest giant squid ever recorded by scientists was almost 43 feet long, and weighed nearly a ton. This species can be found around the world, nearly 3,000 feet below surface level. They are most often recorded in the North Atlantic and North Pacific, and near South Africa and New Zealand.

Original Article: Enormous Squid Caught by Hawaii Fisherman: ‘It’s One of the Monsters From the Deep’ (msn.com)

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  1. Why are we killing such mysterious creatures? I don’t care if it could make 1000 plates of calamari; we don’t need to kill these beauties!

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