Man Kills and Dismembers Mother – Partial Remains Found in a Lagoon

An Elgin man was found guilty this week of killing his mother, dismembering her body, and then throwing her remains in the water.

The Daily Herald reports a jury convicted 59-year-old Brian Peck after a weeklong trial and 2 1/2 hours of deliberations. Peck reportedly admitted during the trial that he killed his mother Gail Peck on Oct. 25, 2017, at 3:30 a.m. in self-defense. He reportedly said in the trial that Gail came towards him with a large, military-grade knife because she was upset with him for playing his music too loud.

Brian reported his mother missing to the Elgin Police Department two days after she died and gave them false information regarding her whereabouts. According to the department’s missing person report, 76-year-old Gail was last seen on the 700 block of Littleton Trail when she went to walk her dog and never returned. The search continued for days until Oct. 30, when Elgin Police said they were now handling her disappearance as a criminal investigation.

Elgin Police wrote in an update that they were working alongside Chicago Police after a body was found in a lagoon near Lincoln Park.

According to the Daily Herald, Brian reportedly put some of his mother’s dismembered remains in a garbage bag and threw it in Lake Michigan. The day after killing her, he reportedly put her torso in a duffel bag along with towels and pavers, then discarded the bag in the Lincoln Park Lagoon. A fisherman reportedly found the duffel bag two days later. The Daily Herald reports Gail’s head and one of her arms still have not been recovered.

Cook County Jail records show Peck’s next court date is scheduled for Feb. 22.

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