Pittsburgh Bridge Collapses as Biden Visits to Talk about Infrastructure

Authorities say a bridge collapsed in Pittsburgh hours before President Joe Biden was scheduled to visit the city to talk about infrastructure.

Emergency crews are on the scene.

Police reported the span, on Forbes Avenue over Fern Hollow Creek in Frick Park, came down around 6 a.m.

A photo from the scene shows a commuter bus upright on a section of the collapsed bridge.

There were no initial reports of injuries, Pittsburgh Public Safety said on Twitter.

The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, citing the Port Authority, said a bus driver and two passengers were able to escape and no one was injured.

The bridge is about a quarter-mile from the Reynolds Street entrance to Frick Park. It goes over a wooded ravine and a creek, the Post-Gazette said.

The collapse caused a large gas leak, the Pittsburgh Public Safety said, and gas was turned off in the area. Authorities told motorists to avoid the area.

WPXI.com has pictures showing the collapsed snow-covered bridge with broken railings and crumbled decks.

The collapse comes hours before Biden is scheduled to visit the city to talk about the $1 trillion infrastructure bill that includes bridge maintenance.

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  1. Blame Bush Sr, Clinton, Bush Jr, Obama, At Least Trump Tried, Blame Obama Biden because the rest did nothing but promise to fix the problem, raised your taxes to fix the problem and stuffed their pockets and gave you the finger and didnt fix the problems. These ahoelps aren’t upholding the intent nor foundation of the Constitution and they are screwing you all the way to their bank

    1. Think back to Obama’s 2nd term when in his State of the Union speech he asked for $ to fix bridges. The I35 collapse had occured a few months earlier, and all interstate bridges had been inspected and cracks were found in all. McConnell had said that they would not vote on any legislation that President Obama asked for. During Trump’s 4 years, they did nothing, for Bridges or infrastructure but took money away from other programs, and our military to build a Wall that will never work. As if they want to come in they will find a way. Many have over the years, like travel by water at night. So our Republicans in Congress both house and senate, want to draw paychecks but not do the work they were voted to do. They are not working for all the people, but only for their pet preferences. they ignore what the people want, and ignore promises made during campaigns to get elected.

      1. But the Democratic’s have done nothing at all, but divide the country!! When Trump said he was going to do something he did it! The wall would have worked if it could have been finished!! But Biden in his first few days in office tried to undo everything Trump did to make our country safe!! Biden and his administration are destroying our country from within!! Anyone who thinks that is good is either stupid or they don’t have a brain either!! Biden’s brain is Swiss Cheese. What brain he has left anyway!!

  2. 1 Patriot Forever, What the HELL did trump do in office Besides the wall that came down if they had a good wind and playing golf, he screwed the American people don’t go and blame all the other President when the Republicans refuse to pass a BILL like McConnell!!!

    1. Think back for a bit; Trump attempted to do dozens of good things while in office – -no room to list everything, just do a little research. No one man (a President) can do everything “alone” – -he/she has to have the cooperation of a majority of Congress (both houses). In many instances, he succeeded in spite of them. During Trump’s four years, in office, all he got from “our let’s pretend” representatives, was lying, backstabbing, false promises and fraud, “because” he was not a “political insider” – -not one of the elite crowd and they all hated him, simply because the “people” elected him and he was not the one “selected” by their inner, elitist circle.

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