Chris And Andrew Cuomo Barely Speaking

Chris Cuomo and his older brother Andrew are barely speaking anymore

“Chris is pissed with Andrew. If Andrew hadn’t acted so recklessly, Chris would still be hosting a primetime show at CNN. Of course he blames Andrew,” sources tell Radar.

“To say there is tension between the brothers is the understatement of the year. Andrew has always the rock of the family. As the Alpha male he was the one who took charge since father passed. He was the one who always had all the answers. Now Andrew is the problem.”

Insiders add that Chris will never forgive Andrew for what he has done.

“It is not just the money – (Chris made $2 million a year from CNN) – it is the fact that he will most likely never work on TV again. Chris is 51-years-old and basically has no career because he tried to help his brother,” our insider dished.

The last time we’ve seen Chris out in public was back in December. The former news anchor was seen running around the Hamptons trying to keep a low profile while rocking a gray beanie and a workout outfit.

Both Chris and Andrew have kept their mouth shut in the past couple of months but have not been seen together. They also have not offered any public words of support to the other.

Earlier this week, the New York attorney general released a video of Chris’s testimony as part of their investigation into Chris. He admits to seeking information about the women who accused his brother of misconduct.

“When asked, I would reach out to sources, other journalists, to see if they had heard of anybody else coming out,” Cuomo said during the interview.

The statement was different than what he told his audience months prior. “I never made calls to the press about my brother’s situation,” he originally said.

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