Mom Uses Racial Slur During School Board Meeting

A Michigan parent has sparked anger after using a racial slur twice during a school board meeting on Monday.

The woman made her remarks during the public comment section of the Grosse Pointe school board meeting, which was livestreamed online.

She began by sharing her objections to a recent diversity meeting, then explained that one of her sons had been suspended from school for saying the “n-word” on social media.

“I have two young white boys, one of which got in trouble for saying the n-word on Snapchat,” she said.

Her son’s “dark chocolate auntie got him into Straight Outta Compton,” the woman added.

“So my boy got Straight Outta Compton, he’s into all the old-school hip-hop … and says in parody on Snapchat, which essentially got him kicked out of South [High School] for four to 10 days.”

The woman added: “My address was put out there, we were threatened, and why? Because he said [the n-word]. I’m sorry, this happens to be in every song. The FCC, the Jon Connors, the who’s who are in charge [n-word] … basically are allowing this and our kids…”

A board member then interrupts the woman to object to her language, prompting her to apologize. “I’ll watch it, I’m sorry, I’m sorry,” she said.

She continued: “They really are trying to victimize our kids. When that happened to my son… it’s just disgraceful what they do and the bullying on social media and through the school system is not cool.”

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The woman’s use of the slur was addressed by the board several minutes later.

“In my seven years on the board, I’ve never heard anyone speak in the audience like tonight,” said board member Margaret Weertz.

“I’ve never heard the n-word used in front of our colleagues here, and this is very upsetting to me … We need to be able to talk about different opinions, different politics, whatever. But we don’t disparage people. We don’t use slurs of any kind—ethnic, racial, anything. And I’m just upset and I can’t let this keep going without saying something.”

Jon Dean, the superintendent of the Grosse Pointe Public School System, added: “I, as the superintendent, need to say our school district does not tolerate language like that in any construct.

“And the argument that they can hear it somewhere else, therefore they can do it here, is one of the most enabling, offensive arguments and has led to countless atrocities in our history. So, that is really an incredibly weak argument and it is offensive.”

Greg Bowens, of the Grosse Pointes and Harper Woods branch of the NAACP, told ClickonDetroit that several people had called the organization to complain about the incident, with some upset that more board members had not spoken out about the woman’s language.

“This idea that you see something racist right in front of your face and you don’t address it is a poor reflection on the school board and the school district because it means you don’t care,” Bowens told the outlet.

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  1. Just curious if the parent had been a black person instead of a white person would the condemning of the word and the person been the same. I think her point was either you can use the word or you can’t regardless who you are. You can’t condemn some people yet not others. Personally I have no problem not using the word if it is offensive but you can’t have it alright for some to say and some not to say.

    1. Only blacks are allowed to say the word and use it regularly, especially when they go rappin!!!!!

  2. Nope, I doubt if the School Board officials would have raised any objections at all if the word ‘cracker’ had been used by a Black parent even though, unlike Blacks who use the ‘n’ word amongst themselves with impunity, White people do not use the word ‘cracker’ when referring to their own race ever.

    So yes, once again one rule for Blacks and another for White people. Double standards indeed. Rules likes these need to be cancelled because they are outright racist against White people. By the way, where are the White advocacy organisations.
    It’s about time such organisations were set up in EVERY State otherwise ALL non-White advocacy groups ought to be abolished as their presence is highly racist against the racial and cultural interests of White people who are denied their own.

  3. Every other word in rap is ni&&ah, it’s ni&&ah this and ni&&ah that. Blacks call each other that in everyday speech, so if it’s that damn “offensive” (which I don’t buy for one minute) to a black, then quit using it. If not, then let’s make it a mainstream word that we all can use.

  4. When they censor the rappers, they can censor the kids who emulate them. When blacks aren’t allowed to use the n word, then you can complain about anyone else using it. Until then, just let it go.

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