3 thoughts on “Whoopi Goldberg rips Bill Maher over COVID-19 remarks: ‘How dare you be so flippant’

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  2. It’s not only dishonest, but downright despicable to try to equivocate bad policies with policies that actually help children. The mask and vaccine mandates are NOT based on REAL science, and yet you continue to try to make people believe that bullcrap. I hope every comedian in the world mocks all the ignorant fools forever for believing that mandates were a wonderful thing. They were at best the work of Satan, globalist elites and progressives, and I think you probably know that, which makes you all the more complicit in the attempted destruction of this nation and others around the world. The RED WAVE is coming, and you can’t stop it. The faster you disengage from the left, the better your future will be. Don’t be a fool. It’s not pretty on woman celebrities.

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