2 thoughts on “Principal Fired for Making Black Girl Eat Out of the Trash

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  2. That’s what happens when you pick only certain cultures to get entitlements for the past 70 years, and this also happens when unqualified single-parent family happens ,when you collect money from the government instead of working for it you believe everything you get you deserve so you could be fussy and throw things out you don’t feel like you want it, other people in other cultures that are poor have to eat what they have because they don’t get the same type of entitlements and attention from the fake news media when this kind of stuff happens, I grew up in a poor neighborhood being white and we couldn’t get money to move out of the neighborhood cuz it was so unsafe, but every black that was making the neighborhood unsafe got money to leave and go to a better place, I have absolutely zero sympathy the kids they’re smart mouth arrogant disrespectful, bad attitude kind of kid j ust by What She Done instead of asking to get something else she just went through it away and expect everyone else to kiss her little corrupt government entitlement rear end ,she’ll carry that attitude with her completely through life ,she’s in for a rude awakening

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