MSNBC Host Tells Clyburn: Americans Are ‘Slowly But Surely’ Thinking GOP ‘Should Be Given a Shot’ to Lead House

MSNBC’s Jonathan Capehart confronted Congressman Jim Clyburn (D-SC) about the current sentiment that an increasing number of Americans want the Republican Party to regain control of the House of Representatives.

Clyburn spoke to Capehart on this week’s edition of The Sunday Show. The South Carolina congressman defended the Democratic Party’s agenda as Joe Biden’s presidency enters its second year. Clyburn pronounced the GOP a “cult” to former President Donald Trump, but Capehart replied by noting that NBC’s latest polling doesn’t look very good for the Democrats’ political prospects.

The poll shows Democrats have only a 1 percent lead over the GOP in terms of which party should control Congress, and Capehart noted that the numbers have been “inching up” for months in Republicans’ favor.

“So despite what you saying about not having a governing partner,” Capehart said, “the American people seem to be slowly but surely thinking ‘Hey, maybe the Republicans should be given a shot, given the gavel back in the House.’”

Clyburn attributed the problem to messaging — arguing that Democrats need to be more focused on their successes over their failures.

“We keep talking about what the Democrats are not doing,” Clyburn said. “No. The glass is not full. It is only half-full. So let’s see what we can do by focusing on that part of the glass that is half-full, rather than keep concentrating on that half-empty part. Look at what we’ve done with the Rescue Act, look at what we’ve done with the infrastructure bill, and stop talking about the fact that we have not done Build Back Better. No we haven’t, but we will.”

NBC’s poll does not seem very promising for Democrats, and Gallup saw a similar shift in their latest study on how Americans politically identify themselves. Fox News had a surprise on Sunday, though, when their survey found that Biden’s approval rating was at 47 percent — significantly higher than his recent polling average, which FiveThirtyEight pegs at 40 percent.

Watch the video here:

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  1. James Clyburn, is just like all Politicians who have been in the Golv offices too long. They think they are owed something for nothing, they need replacement. They have allowed themselves to become corrupt, therefore they are good for nothing!

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