John Duggar Crashes His Plane with Wife Abbie & Daughter Grace Onboard

Abbie Duggar and her daughter Grace were onboard a plane with her husband John David as the pilot. The plane crashed. Katie Joy of Without a Crystal Ball spoke to someone close to the Duggar family who shared the details on what happened and how John David and his family were feeling after the plane crash.

Fortunately, WOACB’s report reveals no one was physically injured in the plane crash. But, the crash did leave Abbie Duggar with emotional trauma she is struggling through. The source Katie Joy spoke to reports Abbie is feeling “shaken up” after the crash.

Flight logs obtained by WOACB reveal the plane in question only went up in the air with John David a total of eight times after he purchased it. John David purchased the plane back in July of 2020. The plane reportedly crashed just outside of Waverly, Tennessee.

John David allegedly revealed the plane’s fuel gauge was not functioning properly. This caused him to believe the plane had more fuel in the tank than what was actually there.

The anonymous source told Katie Joy that Abbie Duggar no longer has an interest in getting in a plane her husband John David is flying.

Is this why Jim Bob Duggar recently sold a plane?

Katie Joy suspects this plane crash is what provoked Jim Bob Duggar to sell the family’s large multi-engine plane. Turns out, John David was the only member of the Duggar family licensed to fly the aircraft. After getting in the plane crash, it is possible Jim Bob Duggar no longer trusted his son and saw no point in continuing to own the plane.

Abbie Duggar - Instagram
Abbie Duggar – Instagram

Unfortunately, the report does not reveal any information on how Grace is doing or if she suffered any emotional trauma from the crash. The report, however, does confirm that neither Abbie, John David, or Grace were injured in the plane crash.

In the comments, Duggar fans admit they are relieved to learn John David, Abbie, and little Grace are alright. Furthermore, they completely understand why Abbie no longer wants to get on a plane with her husband.

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  1. He is one of the sons of Jim Duggar who has about 19 kids. Like one every year. He thinks his wife is an assembly line

  2. My heart goes out to the Duggar family. If the plane malfunctioned, after only a few flights, if it was bought new, might be under warranty. If not, maybe can sue mfgr for putting their lives at risk. Don’t think the fuel gage should malfunction! Thank God they are OK, after such a harrowing experience.

    I was in a plane one time, had fire on engines one side!! Landed safely, diverted to another airport, had to wait for new connecting flight. Everyone was fine!! Took me several years to get on a plane again.

    I am so sorry for the trials your family has been through. We only go through them, for God to mold us into the person we need to be. An instrument for Him. I truly believe that. Keep the Faith.


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