Hunter Bit by Boar Dies as Horrified Father Watches

A hunter died after being attacked by a wild boar he had just shot at.

The animal severed the man’s femoral artery and caused him to bleed to death in the woods in front of his father.

The tragic incident happened earlier this week in the Grosseto province of the Italian region Tuscany.

Giulio Burattini had just shot at the boar and decided to approach it as it it fell to the ground as if hit by the bullet.

However, according to local reports, the animal then reportedly charged at the 36-year-old man and bit his right leg.

The wild boar severed the hunter’s femoral artery in the attack, which caused him to bleed extensively from his deep wounds on the ground in front of his father.

The emergency services and the forest rescue team were called to the scene, but they were not able to save his life.

It is being reported that the father has needed treatment for shock.

The Public Prosecutor’s Office in Grosseto was made aware of the incident and it decided an autopsy on the victim’s body would not be needed.

This is because the death of Burattini, who came from Castell’Azzara, was caused by a wild animal and there are no criminal implications.

He leaves behind his wife and a six-year-old daughter.

It comes after the Mirror was this week offered the chance to kill a lion for £73,000 at the annual Safari Club International (SCI) Convention

We were made sickening offers at the annual Safari Club International (SCI) Convention – which boasts being the world’s biggest trade for trophy killers committed to conservation.

However, critics argue little of the vast sums of money hunters spend protects wildlife as they claim but instead lines the pockets of corrupt African officials making a killing from the killings.

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Comedian and campaigner Ricky Gervais condemned the “evil” hunters who will bid to kill a polar bear.

Proceeds from the auction, it is claimed, will be used to lobby the UK Government against outlawing the import of hunt specimens.

Ricky, a supporter of the Campaign to Ban Trophy Hunting, told the Mirror: “Who do these people think they are, auctioning off the lives of animals so sadists can kill them for kicks?

“Shooting an endangered polar bear to raise money like it’s some school tombola is one of the sickest things ever.

“We’re seeing polar bear numbers edging towards extinction. But they still think it’s OK to shoot them for a laugh. What planet are they on?”

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  1. More and more – less and less sympathy for hunters.
    And “canned trophy hunts” where endangered animals are put in a confined space so some ignorant moron can shoot and kill it is despicable.
    The U.K. is as barbaric as China and Dr Fauci when it comes to animals.

  2. That is why you always carry a tourniquet (and be trained on how to use it) with you when hunting. Boar tusks are dangerous.

  3. My question is simple: Did this Boar play dead? If so, Kudos to the Boar!!! I have no sympathy for Trophy Hunters – none. I think all Trophy Hunting should be banned and for those countries that won’t ban it, anyone traveling to do so should be fined and charged if they try to bring any remnants of a kill back home. Poachers should be shot if the wild animals don’t get them first.

  4. I don’t know about in the UK. In the US they actually eat wild boar. Wild boar are also over populated and in Texas they are actually paying hunter to thin the herds. But I agree, trophy hunting especially endangered animals should never be tolerated.

  5. If you read the article carefully you will see that the boar hunting happened in Italy and was not trophy hunting. Celebrating a person’s death who was more than likely hunting for food is despicable and disgusting. Some of these same people probably mourn the criminals though.

    The second part of the article mentions that the Mirror was offered a chance to go trophy hunting in Africa. Which they were appalled by.

    Two separate stories concerning two separate people in two separate countries. None of which was the UK.

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