7 thoughts on “Baby Found Covered in Human Feces after being ‘Trapped with Mum’s Body for Five days’

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  2. Maybe this corrupt government could come up with new ways and rules to educate and correct people who cannot handle life with respect to those they leave behind ,so they dont go on drugs, instead of screwing with people who know how to get to life and are tough to face life without being medicated, and take their rights and freedoms away, I feel sorry for her I do not feel sorry for her choice that she chose to raise her child in over-reaching week corrupted government, this is the post-millennial government indoctrination thinking they they have pushed on all our children

  3. Where was daddy? Not in the homeless shelter with the mother and baby. He has a job that he will quit so he can sue for the 5 million, then he will apply for welfare. He allowed his child to live in a homeless shelter with a drug addicted woman. Neither one of them cared about the baby. Now the baby is money!

    1. You can thank our judicial system for that. Momma gets the child even if the children have to sleep on the floor. As long as there is a roof over their head. Found

    2. Judicial system to blame. Momma gets the child regardless of where they live as long as they have a roof over their head. They can sleep on the floor if need be and makes no difference in the courts eyes. Unless you have a lot of proof to prove a mother unfit, (which is very difficult to do) then momma keeps the child with her. Do I agree, no. I’m a mother myself and I learned and saw this the hard way. Even abused children are handed right back into the abused environment. It’s really a heartbreaker.

    3. If you don’t know any of these people and you don’t know what went on in their life how can you decide who did what?

  4. If dad is actually so concerned about his daughter at this time, he should have had custody from the get go. Now, he seems eager to win a lawsuit to line his pockets with cash from his daughter’s misfortune.

  5. If dad was so concerned about his daughter, he wouldn’t have quit his job, as he will still need to provide a roof overtop her head and food in her stomach. He needs to normalize that little girl’s life as quickly as possible. She is 15-months old and will forget about what happened in due time. There is no guarantee he will be awarded that $5m yet he will have to pay for the lawyers either way. What happened in the complex should make them rethink how to assure that all residents are safe and sound.

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