Teacher Leaves Young Kids Home Alone to Go on Florida Vacation with Boyfriend

A Connecticut teacher is accused of leaving her young son and daughter home alone while she went on vacation to Florida with her boyfriend, telling them to “just eat candy” for dinner, according to an arrest warrant.

Police arrested Kerry Lyn Caviasca on Jan. 15 and charged her with two counts each of risk of injury to a minor and reckless endangerment in the second degree.

According to the arrest warrant obtained by WFSB, Caviasca’s ex-husband, Aaron Caviasca, told police he suspected their two children, both under the age of 12, were left alone at her Waterton home between Nov. 20 and Nov. 22.

The ex-husband reported he was unable to get ahold of the children via telephone and the two missed school on Nov. 22.

The warrant states the father asked the children if they were left alone, but they initially denied it. He then checked a phone he had given them and discovered multiple messages they had exchanged with their mother.

Texts Kerry Caviasca allegedly sent her children included one in which she told them to “just eat candy I’m sorry” and “I’ll make it up to you” after they had asked what to have for dinner as well as another instructing them to “stay in the basement,” according to the warrant.

The warrant also states texts show the children asked permission to use the bathroom and were told by their mother in a message: “Quick. No lights.”

A family court issued the ex-husband an emergency temporary custody order on Dec. 17.

According to the warrant, Kerry Caviasca allegedly admitted to an officer “she indeed had gone to Florida” but “her brother had been at the residence watching the children.”

Aaron Caviasca noted his father had gone to his former daughter-in-law and grandchildren’s home but was unable to make contact with anyone.

The warrant states that on Dec. 18 the ex-couple’s daughter allegedly told investigators she and her brother were home alone and confirmed her mother had gone for the weekend to Florida. She also recalled someone knocking on the door but had not answered.

Police spoke with Kerry Caviasca’s brother, who allegedly said he “did not remember” the weekend in question and “did not wish to be involved,” the warrant states.

Following her arrest, Kerry Caviasca was placed on leave from her job as a public school teacher in Waterbury pending an internal investigation, WFSB reported.

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